Monday, September 3, 2007

DVD Pick:-->"The Chinese Connection" (1972)

"When we were kids...
we hated things our parents did.
We listened low...
to Casey Kasem's radio show."
Red House Painters


Most will mention "Enter The Dragon" as his tour-de-force..but for fight scene lovers..."Chinese Connection" offers a wonderful variety of Bruce Lee magic.

Bruce Lee was a tremendously skilled martial artist...and there has never been anyone...his equal...who brought so much electrifying the big screen.

A ham, maybe. he could back it up!

Bruce Lee choreographed his own fight scenes...and his skillful techniques and counter moves...put on display...are an action fans delight.

Released in 1972 , "Chinese Connection" was also known as "Fist of Fury" (not Fists of Fury), and the explanation is boring...suffice it to say...this is a very good movie.

The story loosely revolves around the racial violence between Japanese and Chinese during the early 20th century ...and Japan's desire to destroy the Chinese martial arts school. Their "Teacher" dies suddenly...and Bruce Lee suspects foul play.

The movie is very comic book in style. Bad guys are bad. Good guys are good. And that's all we know about them.

Also, the movie, sadly has been terribly dubbed. But...looking at the glass half-filled...the English voices given the film a slap-your-leg...laugh fest.

Add the "Three Stooges" sound effects and you have entertainment on a whole other level. is Bruce we care about. Forget his vocals and watch his physical presence. And when caused to dish out punishment...Bruce Lee...literally becomes a ...cobra snake. Hypnotizing to watch.

Bruce Lee appears to be..."in the moment"...during his fights. And I'm sure the stuntmen are praying...(as Richard Pryor made light of about Ali)...he is not having one of those..."Joe Frasier flashbacks"!

The authority Bruce Lee puts into his attacks are nothing short of...jaw-dropping.

Bruce Lee Philosophy
"Everybody was Kung-Fu babies." Good Stuff!

Must See Moments:
  • Watch Bruce react when he's blocked from entering a public park because he is Chinese.
  • Also look for Bruce going undercover as a nerd "Jerry Lewis" look-a-like.
  • See Bruce break out his infamous nunchakus for the first time on film.
  • Finally, see skinny Mr Wu enjoy the Geisha dancers. Hilarious!


I discovered Red House Painters in a discount bin at Wal-Mart. Since then...I have bought the rest of their catalog. "Songs For A Blue Guitar" a surprise sound that needs to be included in your musical crayon box. Every song is worthy of attention. This lead-off cut from the CD is just one of the gems. Good Stuff!

Red House Painters:-->"Have You Forgotten" (Songs For A Blue Guitar) (1996) (Must Own)

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