Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost Gem: "Anyday" - Derek & The Dominos (1970)

"To bring your woman back
after she's left you
for another...

You've got to be a man."
~ Derek & The Dominos ~

Derek, of course, was Eric Clapton. And The Dominos consisted of outstanding musicians in their own right.

Awesome slide and lead guitarist, Duane Allman, pushes Eric to reach what many have found to be his crowning achievement.

And Bobby Whitlock's presence, on keys, piano, and vocals...can't even be measured. But he was certainly the rock...who kept Eric going.

Add legendary Jim Gordon drumming and Carl Radle rolling the bass and you have captured lightening in a bottle.

This is passion at its finest. The plea for unrequited love.

Lost Gem:--> "Anyday"...Eric & Bobby hold nothing back with some heart stopping vocals. And the stinging guitar solo from Duane is tits. Jim Gordon's drumming is outstanding.

Have you heard this one?

You were talking and I thought I heard you say
Please leave me alone.
Nothing in this world can make me stay.
I'd rather go back, I'd rather go back home.

But if you believed in me like I believe in you,
We could have a love so true, we would go on endlessly.
And I know anyday, anyday, I will see you smile.
Anyway, anyway, only for a little while.

Well someday baby, I know you're gonna need me
When this old world has got you down.
I'll be right here, so woman call me
And I'll never ever let you down.

And I know anyday, anyday, I will see you smile.
Anyway, anyway, only for a little while.

To break the glass and twist the knife into yourself;
You've got to be a fool to understand.
To bring your woman back home after she's left you for another,
You've got to be a, you've got to be a man.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost Gem: "Steve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast" - Steve Forbert (1978)

"Here's to money in my hand
and where it went.
~ Steve Forbert ~ 

Steve Forbert, as I've referred to him on many the bruised-knuckled optimist with a camera eye. The singer who..."makes it all so real."

With his unique stutter-step vocals, he delivers his timeless songs with an ageless wisdom. The good stuff. The bad stuff.  Steve is an observer of life and reports what he has learned.

"Alive On Arrival" (1978) was this Americana troubadour's debut and thirty years later he is still sharing his thoughtful observations.
Me, Steve & the coffee pot in Kansas

...immediately strikes the..."we've got a lot in common"...chord in all of us. This catchy declaration will easily have new ears nodding heads in familiar understanding. 
A great introduction to an underrated songwriter.

Have you heard this one?

Here's to all you lucky dogs, it's heads or tails.
Here's to all you filthy rich, I wish you well.
Here's to all the pretty women made for cash.
And here's to dashing daddy's son he's such a flash.

Well, I been lookin' and walkin' 'round the
sunset square,
Singin' an' talkin' with my friends down there,
sittin' an' lis'nin' with a young man's ear,
to all the rainbow dreams

Here's to all the shitty jobs that I despise.
Here's to two-bit guarantees and other lies.
Here's to roads of burning tar and hot cement.
Here's to money in my hand and where it went.

Well, I got my fingers a-tapping on the hard,
stone steps.
I'm waiting for lightning and the rains to fall.
Young lovers are loafin' with their sidewalk smiles
And all their rainbow dreams.

Amy Alice in the summer
With a sack lunch and a punch card.
See my sister with a drag job.
Man, she feels like she's a hundred years ago.

Here's to people living lives that they regret.
Work your fingers to the bone and sink in debt.
Here's to all those shaky tricks that hustlers try.
You know their easy money is oft' times hard.
You know they flash a grin an' they wink their eye, well...

I been livin' an' breathin' in the rat trap town.
Tryna get over where the wall breaks down.
Holdin' my head up with my thin tired arms
and all my rainbow dreams.

Steve Forbert Official Site

Good stuff!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost Gem: "Strike" - Todd Rundgren (2008)

"Time to strike
while the iron is hot."
~ Todd Rundgren ~

With RnR creds a mile long and over 40 years wide...Todd Rundgren has been top-of-the-line cutting edge in absolutely all facets of the music business.

also has a reputation of having a..."my way or the highway attitude" (as most geniuses do)...and letting record sales be damned.  Which has caused many a fan to wade into his musical the very least...cautiously.
But, as Yoda might say..."pleasantly surprised, I was".

Rundgren...the creative chameleon...brings it to the front...rocking it hard.  Hard I say!  And it's a crime we aren't hearing cuts from "Arena"...and this underrated wizard all over the radio.

Lost Gem:--> "Strike"...People forget how guitar friendly the ol' man is.  Soft or shred...makes no diff.  This fun little jamble is classic hard rock & what many have wanted him to do 20 years ago.

And check this out-->  this was entirely a solo effort, with Rundgren playing all the instruments.

Have you heard this one?

Gathering in the corner
Trying to look discrete
We been talking about this all night long
Now it's time to hit the streets

Are you ready to rumble?
Are you just gonna grumble?
You might take a tumble
But it's time to rumble
This is the reason you keep a dream alive
Spread it round the underground
The moment will soon arrive
Time to strike while the iron is hot.

No one received a message
Nobody has a plan
Everybody knows when the time is right
To take a righteous stand
You spend a lifetime waiting for a sign
Alert the press and place your bets
The planets will soon align.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost Gem: "As Far As The Eye Can See" - Nutz (1974)

"Pools of light
surround the night.

Chased away by dawns new day.
~ Nutz ~

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Nutz was a talented four member band that deserved better than the RnR Gods allowed.

Serving up helpings of driving rock...Nutz should have taken off. But their debut album didn't drop when planned...and left the band touring with acts like Queen and Black Sabbath with nothing to promote.

Led by a refreshingly creative guitarist...Mick Devonport...and the charismatic singer Dave Lloyd...Nutz was boogie with a dose of prog-Zep. And had a distinctive sound many bands later would find success with. It was tasty rock made for FM.
Lost Gem:--> "As Far As The Eye Can See" filled with catchy guitar spank from Davenport meant to crank. And uncomplicated Lloyd vocals that joyously delivers the time over a solid drum/bass rhythm train.  This band was talented....but fickle blows the winds of fortune.

Have you heard this one?

Pools of light surround the night.
Chased away by dawns new day.
As far as the eye can see
Your love burns a hole into me.
As far as the eye can see
Our two hearts are destiny.

Good times I've been down.
Falling 'neath the ground.
Soon I'll have my say
with you.

Arms in sand sweet and grand.
Move in rhyme and since of time.
As far as the eye can see
Your love burns a hole into me.
As far as the eye can see
Our two hearts are destiny.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lost Gem: "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" - Dave Mason (1970)

"Shouldn't have took more than you gave.
Wouldn't be in this mess today."

~ Dave Mason ~

Co-founder of Traffic, Dave Mason released his solo debut..."Alone Together" in 1970.  A nicely produced LP that leaves the jazzy-tingle of Traffic for a more folk-flavored rock vibe.

Singer/songwriter, Mason, has always been revered as a great guitarist...and has done mucho session work...sitting in with the likes of George Harrison...The Rolling Stones...Fleetwood Mac and, most notably, Jimi Hendrix for whom he played acoustic guitar on the Dylan-penned “All Along The Watchtower.”
This restless troubadour, for most of his career, has fluttered from one project to another...losing interest quickly...but always leaving his best efforts behind.

Lost Gem:--> "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" an awesome display of the beautifully restrained wah-pedal at its finest...and should be required listening for young aspiring guitarists.  The younger Mason sounds old-man wise.

Have you heard this one?

Shouldn't have took more than you gave
Wouldn't be in this mess today
I know we've all got different ways
But the dues we've got to pay are still the same

Trying to change the script for this old play
Reading and not feeling what you say
You're coming on too strong for me to stay
Interpret what you're seeing anyway

Seems the simple things are the hardest to explain
It's going to come too soon, there's another way
Footprints in the snow will show well things are still the same
Beneath the wall of sound someone helps to live again.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers