Friday, October 11, 2013

Horse Head -- Beatle Covers You Can Count Me Out...(IN!)

I'm going to skip the obvious, 
Beatle cover choices
and include 9 other favorite covers. 

"She's A Woman"
Jeff Beck
Blow By Blow (1975)

...One of my fav Beck instrumentals...has a kinda kraut-funk vibe-atude with outstanding phrasing utilizing the talk-box to amazing effect.

"I Am The Walrus"
Oingo Boingo
Farewell (1996)

Crazy energy with the band completely onboard. Here's another clue for your fanny. The walrus is Danny.

"Tell Me Why"
April Wine
Power Play  (1982)

Gentle mellowed-down stamp that was risky and shouldn't have worked so well...and I enjoy it as much as the original.

"What Goes On"
Sufjan Stevens
This Bird Has Flown  (2005)

Took my least favorite Beatle song...and turned it into something beautiful and quite inspired.

"Within You Without You"
Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation  (deluxe 2007)

No sitar, this one.  Sonic Youth melds Harrison's worldly thoughts with buzz-bang feedback that transcends.

Elliot Smith
American beauty ST  (1999)

Beautiful and sad with Smith's weary resignation of stating the obvious and unobtainable...hurts.

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun"
The Breeders
Pod (1990)

A standout curve with a more ominous presence and haunting undertones. 

"I Will"
Alison Krauss
Now That I Found You (1995)

Stolen from the White Album and turned into gently falling snowflakes.  Angels could not sound as sweet.

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
William Shatner
The Transformer Man (1968)

Maybe because Shatner wasn't aware how camp and silly this was...makes me like it all the more.

Your Turn.
Casey Chambers

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pandora The Explora - VOL. 2

Doing the Pandora shuffle.
Check 5...and see what the fates allow.

"Breaking All The House Rules"
Bandolier (1975)

A shame Budgie never broke.  

This has good green riffage with heavy foot on the accelerator.  Starts the night with a shot.

"Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall"
Paul Simon
The Paul Simon Songbook (1965)

This was recorded in England apart from Garfunkel.  Maybe he was considering not to return. Nice gentle song that I've already forgotten.  Still, Paul was always a solo act...even as a duo.  Press play for affirmation.

"Bouncing Around The Room"
Lawn Boy (1990)

Phish serves up worm jam for the mind that allows you to float downstream. This one's a signature.  The studio version is great.  But LIVE is the way to go.

"Stone Free"
Captain Beyond
Live in Texas October 6, 1973

A really good Hendrix cover...but the sound is a little muddled.  Still it should make you want to explore more from the Captain.  

"Fat Bottomed Girls"
Jazz  (1978)

Love the sentiment, the song...not so much.  It has the great opening choir chant.  And I love Roger Taylor's
drum-bustin'.  The rest...meh...leaves me a bit chafed. 

Your Turn.

Casey Chambers