Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost Gem: "Cadence And Cascade" - King Crimson

"Sad paper courtesan.They knew him just a man."
~ King Crimson ~

King Crimson's second album..."In The Wake Of Poseidon" (1970)...was initially met with disappointment by many fans/critics.

But listening to this album with fresh ears...nearly forty years after its release...I find it inspiring and a great follow-up.

Plus the music holds my interest all the way through...something King Crimson's classic debut never quite does.

Lots of tasty ear candy float from the speakers. Flutes...mellotron...sax...piano...and wonderful Robert Fripp guitar. And the variety of drum strikes (courtesy of Michael Giles) are wicked nice. Great prog.

"Cadence And Cascade" is a gentle and beautiful ballad that never fails to calm. Dig the soothing...whimsical... flute of Mel Collins.

Have you heard this one?

Cadence and Cascade
Kept a man named Jade;
Cool in the shade
While his audience played.
Purred, whispered, Spend us too:
We only serve for you.

Sliding mystified
On the wine of the tide
Stared pale-eyed
As his veil fell aside.
Sad paper courtesan
They found him just a man.

Caravan hotel
Where the sequin spell fell
Custom of the game.
Cadence oiled in love
Licked his velvet gloved hand
Cascade kissed his name.

Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost Gem: "You Won't Change Me" - Black Sabbath

"Still I wonder what it'slike to be loved...
Instead of hiding in myself.

~ Black Sabbath ~

"Technical Ecstasy" (1976) was Black Sabbath's seventh album. And one that is too often dismissed.

If not for two stinkers in the mix...this Sabbath offering would be must own. But what is left is simply wicked Iommi guitar burns that beg repeated listens.

"You Won't Change Me" catches one of Ozzy's best vocals...ever...with awesome Tony Iommi laying down one of several great solos. Terribly underrated.

Have you heard this one?

I'm just a man and I am what I am, yeah
Nobody will ever change my ways
I don't need money and I
Don't need no lies, yeah
I only need to live for today
But I'd like to talk things
Over with you
I want to hear the things
That you say today
Although you won't change me
Anyway. Oh, no way.

I wish you'd come and see me
I'd like to hold you
I want to set my mind all free
You understand me, woman
You give me time, yeah
But I don't need no sympathy
Still I wonder what it's
Like to be loved
Instead of hiding in myself
Nobody will change me anyway, no, no way.

Nobody's gonna change my world
That's something too unreal
Nobody will change the way I feel

So listen to me now, hear
what I say, yeah
Please, give me time and maybe love
If there's a God up there,well
I hope he helps me
I need him now to set me free
'cause it maybe that it's over for me
If you don't hear the things
That I say today
Nobody will change me
Anyway, no, no way.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost Gem: "Fates Right Hand" - Rodney Crowell (2003)

"Trot-line Freddy's
got his dogs in the trunk."
~ Rodney Crowell ~

"Fate's Right Hand" (2003) is just one of a long list of must-own CDs from the Houston Kid...Rodney Crowell.

Filled with Americana roots attitude and honesty...Crowell is a good-ol'-hoss troubadour who leaves nothing on his plate. Cool as a rule.

The title track is killer. Pick up this gem right away.

Have you heard this one?

Cool as a rule you don't learn in no school
You can't brown nose the teacher from a dunce hat stool
It's the hum and the rhythm of the birds and the bees
The momma's and the poppa's and the monkeys in the trees
It's the brothers and the sisters living life on the street
Play a hunch pull the punch and you'll likely get beat
By the junk food tattooed white dude true blued
Honky with an attitude coming unglued

Fate's right hand.....I don't understand at all

Billy loves women like a junky loves dope
Give him just enough rope and the monkey gonna choke
She's a Bill Blass combo maxed out mambo
D.K.N.Y. caught him in a lie
Ken Starr word man were talking absurd
Spending forty million dollars just to give a man the bird
He's a king she's a queen so the rap won't stick
Get it on with a rubber and you won't get sick

Fate's right hand.....I don't understand at all

Redrum dot com dim sum smart bombs
Double cappuccino and a heart like a tom tom
Ozone long gone that's it I quit
Natural inclination says enough of this_____
brat pack black jack heart attack crack
We need another news channel like a hole in the back
There's a 187 on the 405
And we all go to heaven on a hard disk drive

Fate's right hand.....I don't under stand at all

Hard rain fish seine hurricane Jane
Don't forget about Carla when you're talkin' about poon tang
Slow song on the bone rec hall dance
Double date Debbie with a pole in my pants
First comes love like it always did
Or we wouldn't be talkin' bout The Houston kid
Po-dunk piss-chunk old dead skunk drunk
Trot-line Freddy's got his dogs in the trunk
Fate's right hand...I don't under stand at all
Fate's right I don't under stand at all.

Good stuff!
Casey Chambers

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lost Gems: "The Late Show" - Jackson Browne

"I thought of all the empty miles...
And the years that I've spent
looking for your eyes."
-->Jackson Browne<--

Jackson Browne's third album..."Late For The Sky"(1974) filled with layers and layers of emotional watercolors.

Like a surgeon, Browne exacts just the right words and tones for each song. And his dead-on observations of our feeble attempts at controlling the dice of love...reminds clumsy and scared we truly are.

"The Late Show" an honest endeavor of pointing out...that through all our aches and breaks along our journey for the perfect love...sometimes we just try too hard.

Tasty guitar slide from David Lindley...and dig the sound of two car doors shutting near the end. It's gonna be all right.

Have you heard this one?

Everyone I've ever known has wished me well
Anyway that's how it seems, it's hard to tell
Maybe people only ask you how you're doing
'Cause that's easier than letting on how little they could care
But when you know that you've got a real friend somewhere
Suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear

Now to see things clear it's hard enough I know
While you're waiting for reality to show
Without dreaming of the perfect love
And holding it so far above
That if you stumbled onto someone real, you'd never know
(You'd never know)
You could be with somebody who is lonely too
(Sometimes it doesn't show)
He might be trying to get across to you
(Words can be so slow)
When your own emptiness is all that's getting through
There comes a point when you're not sure why you're still talking
I passed that point long ago
(Long ago)
Now I'm so tired of all this circling
And all these glimpses of the end
(You know it's useless to pretend)
That's all the voices say:
"You'll go right on circling
Until you've found some kind of friend"

I saw you through the laughter and the noise
You were talking with the soldiers and the boys
While they scuffled for your weary smiles
I thought of all the empty miles
And the years that I've spent looking for your eyes
(Looking for your eyes)
And now I'm sitting here wondering what to say
(That you might recognize)
Afraid that all these words might scare you away
(And break through the disguise)
No one ever talks about their feelings anyway
Without dressing them in dreams and laughter
I guess it's just too painful otherwise

It's like you're standing in the window
Of a house nobody lives in
And I'm sitting in a car across the way
(Let's just say)
It's an early model Chevrolet
(Let's just say)
It's a warm and windy day
You go and pack your sorrow
The trash man comes tomorrow
Leave it at the curb and we'll just roll away

Good Stuff!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Lost Gem: "Open Up The Door" - Head East

"A reason to carry on...
is the feelin' when the music's done."
-->Head East<--

Head East's self-titled album (1978) was the band's fourth studio release and is often referred to as the..."Road Sign" album.

Led by underrated vocalist...John Schlitt, this Midwest band churned out no-frills...straight ahead rock.

Head East never quite achieved monster status...but they did earn a reputation for hitting the stage if every show might be their last. Definitely a workingman's band.

"Open Up The Door" a great feel-good rocker to start your day. Incredible vocals surrounded by Mike Somerville's guitar spank and teasing keyboard from Roger Boyd.

Seeing these RnR cartographers tear up this firebox would be slice.

Have you heard this one?

We started out a long time ago
We didn't know what to do
Knockin' our romances, we took the chances
That a lot of us do
Well, we've seen strange places
We fell on our faces
It was all on the line
Cause we believed in what we were
And we know that we would see it in time

A reason to carry on
Is the feelin' when the music's done
Maybe we'll take someone's whole life
(And) turn their head around
Open up the door

Listen to me you've got to help me
I can't help myself
It's been a long long time
Wish it were mine
I can't help myself
I've been searchin' everywhere
Lookin' here and there
And I finally see
It may take forever and it never
But will you listen to me

Good stuff!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost Gem: "Black Licorice" - Grand Funk

"She's got evil in her eyes...
and catnip is her taste."
~ Grand Funk ~

In 1973, Grand Funk dropped...Railroad...from their name and released..."We're An American Band".

It was hugely successful...with the title track becoming a prideful rock anthem heard regularly on every classic rock station across the country.

But among a couple of lost gems from this the oft-forgot..."Black Licorice".

"Black Licorice" is awesome highway driving fuel filled with wicked grinding keyboard (courtesy of newly added member...Craig Frost). And excellent trademark Mel Schacher bass clearing the roads.

And finally...Mark Farner's vocals is surprisingly burning ice!

Have you heard this one?

Whooo ... wheee!
You there, comin' up the stair, the feelin' is ice-blue cold.
Shake, it's more than I can take, I'm startin' to lose control.
Watch out, what's that noise, there's somebody at the door.
It must be black licorice, she come back to make me cry some more.

Time, ain't on my side, I'm losin' it more each day.
She's got evil in her eyes, and catnip is her taste.
She wraps me up in her slender legs, her hot black skin to mine.

Ple ... ple ...please, don't touch me, oh, I know I'm dead this time.

Oh, oh, yeah ... licorice, yeah, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, yeah, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, yeah, black licorice.

Good Stuff!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lost Gem: "Spin It On" - Wings

"Off to the flicks
with the piddle in her nicks,
to the fair with her hair
in curlers."
~ Wings ~

"Back To The Egg" (1979) would prove to be Wings' final studio album. And one of their more heavily criticized efforts, to be sure.

Looking back...maybe they only dropped a...few...shells into this rock and roll omelet.

Maybe it was the climate of the wave, punk, etc., but spinning this disc 30 years later...I find it a bit uneven, perhaps...but still pleasant enough.

"Spin It On" is a great little Wings jammer. Fast-paced, loud and fun. Easy to dismiss until you notice how toolbox tweaked this band plays. Who knows...but they sure sound like they were having a good time. Silly, but solid.

Have you heard this one?

"Spin It On"
(This is it)
Spin it on, don't stop. Take it back to the top.
'Cos I got whole lotta love for you
I wanna spin it on. Spin it on!

Off to the flicks with the piddle in her nicks, to the fair with her hair
in curlers.
Their cousins didn't get all down to the pleasure dome
Their cousins didn't spend their night in an aircraft hanger.
Memories . . .!

Spin it on, don't stop. Take it back to the top.
'Cos I got whole lotta love for you
That's why I wanna spin it on. Spin it on! Spin it on!

Spin it on!

Spin it on, don't stop. Take it back to the top
'Cos I got whole lotta love for you
That's why I wanna spin it on. Spin it on!

Off to the fields with a missionary's zeal for the life
of the wife of the farmer
Their cousins didn't get all down to the village hall
Their cousins didn't spend their night on a pinball table.
Memories . . .!

Good Stuff!