Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ramblings:-->Gary Busey Shoulda Won - & - Survival Football

"Sometimes we'll sigh.
Sometimes we'll cry.
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways."
Gary Busey/courtesy of Buddy Holly
I was almost thrown off the ship before I even got on board...after only my 2nd week of Survival Football.
Survival Football takes very little of your time. And is a lot of fun. You are tossed into a huddle of maybe 50 other players...and each have to pick one team you are SURE will win their game.

If you are right you get to play next week...if not...season's over for you.

Sounds easy enough...however...the rub is...once you pick a team to win for the can never use that team again as your pick. hopefully be around at the end of the want to avoid picking all the powerful teams too quickly...or else you'll be left with scrubs too soon. try to pick the worst team with the best chance of winning...when possible. If that seems impossible on any given week...then you go with ANY team with the best chance of winning.

You just want to try and be the last survivor standing. Sound fun?!

Anyway...I picked Denver last weekend and they almost tanked for me. In fact...if not for a well-timed timeout a fraction of a second before Oakland attempted a field goal...Denver would have lost...because the kick went right thru the uprights.

Fortunately...for me...the referees waved the kick off because of Denver's timeout. Oakland had to try kicking the field goal again...and missed.

I live to play another week.


"Echoes In The Wind" has one of the most interesting covers of a great King Crimson song I have ever heard. Very cool! And if you enjoy good writing along with your music sample..Then make this a regular stop.

Another regular detour of mine is at...Bag Of Songs. He has some fantastic Ramones videos to watch and some hot info about their DVD to be released. It is always an enjoyable surprise finding out what he's writing about. Good Stuff.

WFMU Beware Of The Blog still has a bunch of the cool "60 second songs" for downloading. And several I missed the first time around. They ran a contest asking readers to take a well known song of considerable length...and mix it into a 60 second song-bite. Some are truly perfect. Check out "In-a gadda-da-vida". Good stuff.

I received my "A Collage A Day" art piece yesterday...and I was very pleased. The art work arrived protected from damage. With a letter of authenticity from the artist - signed - both art work and letter. The 8 x 8 matting was well done...and to put it mildly...totally professional. I ordered the collage from August 24, 2007 - "Once Upon A Time".

One of my favorite soundtracks and movies is..."The Buddy Holly Story". Watching Gary Busey...I believe he really thinks he's Buddy Holly.

Amazing performance and music...And you can sense something very special happening on film. ...And should have earned Busey an Oscar.
Keep watching for the soundtrack price to come down.
Good Stuff!


The Buddy Holly Story:-->"True Love Ways" (The Buddy Holly Story) (1978) (Must Own)


-tom said...

Thanks Casey !
You're one of my daily stops as well.

whiteray said...

Glad you liked the Severinsen -- and thanks for the props. I roll past here pretty frequently, too, and always learn something!