Saturday, October 4, 2014

A 3-Minute Prop To The Incredible Decade of Alexandre Dumas

"Time will pass away,
Time will guard our secret.
I'll return again
To fight another day."
~ Wishbone Ash ~

I just finished the entire Dumas saga of "The Three Musketeers"...and it was worth every page-turning paper cut.  Really good stuff.

If you think unabridged "...Monte Cristo" is a hefty volume,  (and it is. Been there, read that) try fencing with the five novels that comprise this masterpiece.  In other words...if you plan on reading them all at once, better double sack the swashbuckling shit out of'em.  

These are the books:
1.  "The Three Musketeers" - (1844 / 700 pages)
2.  "Twenty Years After" - (1845 / 800 pages)
3.  "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" - (1847 / 750 pages)
4.  "Louise de la Valliere" - (1848 / 750 pages)
5.  "The Man In The Iron Mask" - (1849 / 500 pages)

There must have been sparks flying off Dumas' pen in the 1840s, because he churned out every one of these (plus his ultimate chef-d'oeuvre, "The Count of Monte Cristo" - (1846 / 1500 pg
) during this startlingly, prolific decade.  

It doesn't matter how many film adaptations Hollywood churns out,  there's only one way to truly enjoy this story.  And it's right here.  Yes, it's long.  And yes, it's worth it. (Probably what D'Artagnan whispered to Constance after the chambermaids clocked-out for the evening).

One might be tempted to skip the "lesser two novels" from this saga...but would be doing themselves a disservice.

The balancing act Dumas forces his characters to walk between honor and loyalty...allow us a much deeper and enjoyable understanding of their respective motives.  A pebble thrown in a pond...

"Warrior"  --  Wishbone Ash /"Argus" (1972)

I'm leaving to search for something new,
Leaving everything I ever knew.
A hundred years in the sunshine
Hasn't taught me all there is to know.

In the valley, we will gather there,
Helpless in our surrender.
Tomorrow the plow becomes the sword -
Make us stronger in our danger.

Time will pass away,
Time will guard our secret.
I'll return again
To fight another day.

I'd have to be a warrior -
A slave I couldn't be -
A soldier and a conqueror,
Fighting to be free.

(Repeat three times)

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers