Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ramblings:-->Bob Welch - & - The New Ken Burns Offering

"Your eyes got me dreaming.
Your eyes got me blind.
Your eyes got me hoping...
That I'll be holding you close tonight."
Bob Welch
Just finished watching part one of..."The War" this early morning on PBS...and once again...Ken Burns has delivered a well thought-out and informative piece.

Never studied World War II in school...so this is fascinating stuff. I'm amazed at the action clips. And the "still pictures"...are just as powerful in conveying what the general buzz was.

Thankfully...I have DVR to record this Ken Burns series...as my schedule would never allow me to watch it otherwise.

If you enjoy lists like I do, Rolling Stone has listed...
The Top 25 Music DVDs of All Time.
Check it out.

It's easy to smirk when mentioning Bob Welch...if all you know of him...is the wussy photos on his solo albums.

But burn those images out of your mind...and you'll find that Bob Welch needs to bow down to nobody. Pretty good stuff.

Bob delivered some wonderful bluesy-pop-mystical guitar work while a member of Fleetwood Mac in the early '70s. And his songs..."Hypnotized" & "Sentimental Lady" ..are two of the coolest tunes ever.

He put together a hard rock power trio band...Paris, with the bass player from Jethro Tull and the drummer from Todd Rundgren. They put out 2 albums that caused a medium buzz, at best. Though years later the records hold up surprisingly well.
In '77, Bob Welch released his first solo album..."French Kiss"...and it became a smash. With the help of Stevie Nicks...Mick Fleetwood...Lyndsey Buckingham, ...Bob Welch created an underrated rockin' pop gem...that is a must own for any collection.

Bob Welch:-->"Ebony Eyes" (live)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers
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Jim said...

Oh man, did that album cover take me back! My older sister had that album, and used to play it all the time. I had completely forgotten about Bob Welch until I read this post! Well done, and thanks for the blast from the past.

Casey said...

Welch is seldom heard on the radio anymore. Thanks for dropping by!

FifiFiveThousand said...

NICE. bizarrely and a bit randomly the song popped into my head today and i googled what lyrics i could remember. found this delightful blog and am so dadgum grateful! i have full intentions of finding any Bob Welch albums (the vinyl kind!) as soon as possible. he certainly is underrated, wouldn't you say? thanks for posting the video and lyrics that led me to this page. cheers! :)