Friday, February 27, 2009

Video Gold:--> Tom Waits

"...took out her barrettes...and her hair spilled out like root beer."
-Tom Waits-

The first time I heard Tom Waits...was while driving my TV remote...blind through all the upteen channels on my digital long bored afternoon.

Austin CL was replaying a performance by Tom because of an extreme outpouring from hungry viewers.

He was standing by some gas pumps...smoking a cigarette...looking like some hip-cat from the fifties. He recited a story about a young girls wanderlust for the unknown.

Lost gem:--> "Burma Shave" paintbrush poetry.  Like knife-packin' fireflies at a summer evening glow-off!

Tom Waits performing "Burma Shave" on ACL 1978.

Licorice tattoo turned a gun metal blue scrawled across the shoulders
of a dying town the one eyed jacks across the railroad tracks

and the scar on its belly pulled a stranger passing through
he was a juvenile delinquent never learned how to behave
but the cops would never think to look in
burma shave.

and the road was like a ribbon and the moon was like a bone
he didn't seem to be like any guy she'd ever known
he kinda looked like farley granger with his hair slicked back
she says i'm a sucker for a fella in a cowboy hat
how far are you going he said depends on what you mean
I'm only stoppin' here cause I got to get myself some of this gasoline
he says I'm going thataway just as long as it's paved
I guess you'd say I'm on my way to
burma shave.

why don't ya put up your knees on the glove compartment
took out her barrettes and her hair spilled out like root beer
and she popped her gum and arched her back
hell Marysville ain't nothing but a wide spot in the road
some night my heart pounds just like thunder
I don't know why it don't explode cause everyone
in this stinking town has got one foot in the grave
and I'd rather take my chances out in
burma shave.

Presley's what I go by why don't you change the stations
count the grain elevators in the rear view mirror
mister anywhere you point this thing
has got to beat the hell out of the sting
of going to bed with every dream that dies here every mornin'
and so drill me a hole with a barber pole
I'm jumping my parole just like a fugitive tonight
why don't you have another swig of that Black Velvet
and pass that car if you're so brave
I wanna get there before the sun comes up in
burma shave.

just you and me baby. This town's driving me crazy it's drivin' me crazy
I don't care what they say go ahead and let'em talk
tonight were gonna drive just you and me baby.

and the spider web crack and the mustang screamed
smoke from the tires and the twisted machine
just a nickel's worth of dreams and every wishbone that they saved
lie swindled from them on the way to
burma shave.

and the sun hit the derrick and cast a bat wing shadow
up against the car door on the shot gun side
and when they pulled her from the wreck you know she
still had on her shades
they say that dreams are growing wild just this side of
burma shave.

and over by the frosty freeze they're closing up now the waitress
is goin' though her purse only a few cars left a truck rolls by and
there's another young girl up against the coke machine with
swizzle stick legs sucking on a lucky strike with a sign
in her hand that says I'm on my way to
burma shave

and it's a hot summer night the fish are jumping
the cotton is white your daddy's rich and your
momma's good lookin'
hush now
don't you cry.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

Monday, February 23, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 16

"Tell the truth. Sing with passion.
Work with laughter. Love with heart.
'Cause that's all that matters in the end.

~ Kris Kristofferson

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 16 - Let's Begin...

50:-->Deep Purple ------- "What's Going On Here" (4:56) --------Burn (1974)
"Roll me over slowly, I've been drinkin' all night.
Help me make a move, I can't stand the light."

Enter David Coverdale. This little known singer (at the time) seemed to light a fire under Blackmore and the rest. Obviously having some bar-bangin' fun on this number.

49:-->Lynyrd Skynyrd --"Preacher's Daughter" (3:40) --Skynyrd's First And... (1978)
"And I'm talkin' about the preacher's daughter.
Doin' what she hadn't oughta.
Gettin' on down
with every stud in town."
A compilation of their early unreleased tracks, I know...but it's really good stuff and easily foretold of greater things to come. "Preacher's Daughter" has that awesome Van Zandt swagger that kills. And the boys in the band are right there with him.

48:-->Rick Derringer ------"Jump, Jump, Jump" (6:02) --------All-American Boy (1973)
"I wonder is anybody here...
Or is this my private dream.
I'm gonna pitch myself to sea
'Cause it's such a scary, scary, scary dream."

Awesome closing tune. Six minutes of delicate cool guitar from this underrated axeman...riding just underneath a cry for help.

47:-->Rolling Stones ---------"Hand Of Fate" (4:28) -------Black and Blue (1976)
"The wind blew hard, it was stormy night.
He shot me once, but I shot him twice."

Solid Stones rocker. Would have fit nicely on "Exile...". One of their best from the '70s.

46:-->John Mellencamp ----"A Little Night Dancing" (3:43) ----John Cougar (1979)
"Sodom and Gomorrah...
they run the roadhouse."
Guilty pleasure, maybe...but I find myself returning to this CD often. Great opening number with a rockin'-loose Americana sound.

45:-->Rory Gallagher ---"Out On A Western Plain" (3:53) ----Against The Grain (1975)
"What was the greatest battle ever on the Western Plain?
When me and a bunch of cowboys rode into Jesse James."

Easy going vocals and acoustic spank make you want to saddle up the horses and leave some dust. Rory makes it look easy.

44:-->Bob Dylan ---------------"Isis" (6:58) -----------------Desire (1976)
"A man in the corner approached me for a match.
I knew right away he was not ordinary.
He said "Are you looking for something easy to catch ?"
I said "I got no money". He said "That ain't necessary".
Piano intro and sneaky gypsy violin is cream. The rhythm of words are hypnotic and classic Dylan.

43:-->Fabulous Poodles ------"Roll Your Own" (2:44) -------Mirror Star (1978)
"The first time you try it
you're gonna cuss and shout.
'Cause the paper keeps tearing.
The stuff keeps falling out."
Imagine Buddy Holly and early Who and you have a catchy tongue-in-cheek barroom banquet.

42:-->Traffic --- "Rock and Roll Stew" (4:18) ---Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (1971)
"Sitting near a suit who's a red-neck going,
Eyes are moving but there's no life showing."

Infectious rock groove with drummer Jim Capaldi delivering terrific vocals. And lots of guitar spice sprinkled throughout. I'm gone, gone, gone.

41:-->Kris Kristofferson -"I May Smoke Too Much" (3:05) -Spooky Lady's Sideshow (1974)
"Once my future was shiny as the
seat of my pants are today."

Bring pitchers to the table every 5 minutes until I pass out. (someone once said). This was Kris's journey through...over-indulgence. Rainy shadows with the occasional glimpse of sunlight breaking.

Good stuff. be continued.

Casey Chambers

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Video Gold:--> Squeeze

"I'd beg for some forgiveness...
but beggin's not my business."
~ Squeeze ~

I never dipped into the...Squeeze...pond until hearing "...Junction" blowing out of the speakers at the high school gym trying to cut weight for a wrestling match the next morning.

I've been swimming there ever since.

The oddly lovable rhymings mixed with Beatlesque vocals of Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford...strike a familiar chord  Many favorite songs later...Squeeze stills owns real estate on my CD shelf.

Lost gem:--> "Up The Junction" - Squeeze

I never thought it would happen
With me and the girl from Clapham
Out on a windy common
That night I ain't forgotten
When she dealt out the rations
With some or other passions
I said you are a lady
Perhaps she said I may be

We moved into a basement
With thoughts of our engagement
We stayed in by the telly
Although the room was smelly
We spent our time just kissing
The railway arms we're missing
But love had got us hooked up
And all our time it took up

I got a job with Stanley
He said I'd come in handy
And started me on Monday
So I had a bath on Sunday
I worked eleven hours
And bought the girl some flowers
She said she'd seen a doctor
And nothing now could stop her

I worked all through the winter
The weather brass and bitter
I put away a tenner
Each week to make her better
And when the time was ready
We had to sell the telly
Late evenings by the fire
With little kicks inside her

This morning at 4:50
I took her rather nifty
Down to an incubator
Where thirty minutes later
She gave birth to a daughter
Within a year a walker
She looked just like her mother
If there could be another

And now she's two years older
Her mother's with a soldier
She left me when my drinking
Became a proper stinging
The devil came and took me
From bar to street to bookie
No more nights by the telly
No more nights nappies smelling

Alone here in the kitchen
I feel there's something missing
I'd beg for some forgiveness
But beggin's not my business
And she won't write a letter
Although I always tell her
And so it's my assumption
I'm really up the junction.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Casey Comedy: Kelly's Irish Pub

"Everybody here
seems to like to laugh.

Either step in time
or just don't hang around."

Steve Forbert

Forgive my shameless plug...but I'm getting a chance to do some Stand-Up later this month over at the awesome...Kelly's Irish Pub.

This long-established groggery is located downtown in the fast growing...Old Town District in Wichita, Kansas. It's a great place to hang out...and I can't wait to do some comedy shtick there.

I'm especially lucky, because I'll be sharing the bill with a few other dangerously funny guys (see below). And good friends, as well. All with creatively wacky minds...just waiting to help everyone temporarily forget their problems for a little while.


917 E Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 263-0755

Show starts @ 9:00pm







I encourage everyone to come out and have a good time. And be sure to give me a shout before you leave.

As for my faithful readers and friends...I especially invite you to share the evening with me and my comedy peers. We would love to meet all of you.

All good stuff.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 15

"I didn't think we would
ever make enough money
to pay rent by playing music.
~ Gregg Allman

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 15 - Let's Begin...

60:-->Doobie Bros. ---"Down In The Track" (4:17) ---What Were Once Vices... (1974)
"And late at night in the twilight of the South...
They put you in a cell and let the bulldogs out."

Classic summer tuneage from the Doobs. Underrated guitar action goin' on, too. Turn it up.

59:-->Moon Martin --"Hot House Baby" (3:17) --Escape From Domination (1979)
"My test tube baby don't run down
she drives it in the ground."

Solid guitar churnin' RnR. Wicked catchy. Great driving music.

58:-->BOA ---"When Electricity Came To Arkansas" (4:26) ---Black Oak Arkansas (1971)

Give me a band who wear their RnR hearts on their concert sleeves....over a more polished primadonna group any day. And Mangrum's vocals don't sound all that...strange...these days, do they? Plays some pretty mean washboard, too.

57:-->Paul Stanley -------"Ain't Quite Right" (3:37) ---------Paul Stanley (1978)
"You were standin' and I was thinkin'
of all the time that I spend hangin' around."

Interesting vibe from Stanley. Dark and moody with vocals absolutely nailed. Great song.

56:-->Rainbow -----------"A Light in the Black" (8:12) ---------Rising (1976)
"Something's calling me back.
There's a light in the black.
Am I ready to go, I'm coming home."

Blistering guitar spankage from Blackmore. Furious and orgasmic. Awesome Dio vocals before he shredded his throat. Add Carey on keyboards, Bain on bass, and Cozy on drums and you got yourself an all-star team. Haven't heard this yet? You'll be amazed.

55:-->BOC -------------"I Love The Night" (4:23) -------------Spectres (1977)
"The day is OK and the sun can be fun...
but I live to see those rays slip away."

Haunting homage to a female member of the undead. Creepy and beautiful.

54:-->Kansas ----------"What's On My Mind" (3:28) ----------Leftoverture (1976)
"And for the first time there's no pain in my life...
Though it's a long hard road that I've gone."

A surprising straight-out rocker from the prog-boys. Catchy upfront riffing from Livgren equaled only by ballsy vocals from Walsh. Carry on indeed.

53:-->Jefferson Starship ---"Awakening" (8:01) ---Freedom At Point Zero (1979)
"We just do what we must.
We're more than just ashes...
our spirits are more than just dust."

An 8 minute masterpiece sadly ignored by FM. Intense guitar bruising by underrated Craig Chaquico grabs the listener and does not let loose. Their finest moments.

52:-->John Prine ---------"Bruised Orange" (5:21) ---------Bruised Orange (1978)
"I sat on a park bench...
kissed the girl with the black hair.
And my head shouted down
to my heart..."you better look out below!"

This gem of a junebug JP's awesome way of gently reminding us...Shit happens...and I hurt with ya...But don't stew in your juices and only make it worse. You just gotta let it go.

51:-->Gregg Allman ----"All My Friends" (4:32) ------Laid Back (1973)
"It's all gone...
for the last time it seems.
And it's a shame...
all the feelings were lost in our schemes."

Soulful acoustic ballad with Allman vocals as comfortable as nursing a hot mug of almond amaretto in front of a three-log fire. Beautiful solo debut.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers

Monday, February 9, 2009

Video Gold:-->Ronnie Lane

"Oh, you was my hero.
Hell, you are my good friend.
I've been there and back and 
I know how far it is."
~ Ronnie Lane ~

Ronnie Lane was one of the good guys of RnR. The kind of guy a person likes having around.

Ronnie first cut loose with...Small Faces...which also had the crazy big vocals of Steve Marriot.

Ronnie then formed...Faces...which was, for all intents and purposes, a supergroup. Joining Ronnie was Rod Stewart...Ron Wood...Ian McLagen---&...Kenney Jones.

Ronnie left the Faces in 1973 to begin recording a handful of solo albums with his backing band...Slim Chance.

Ronnie made a few collaboration recordings...most notably with Pete Townshend on the critically acclaimed... "Rough Mix" (1977).

Ronnie Lane was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during this recording session...and after a strong battle...left this world a much sadder place...on June 4, 1997.

Lost Gem--> "Debris"...showcases Lane's songwriting to the nines.  Achingly sung with hat in hand.  Wonderful guitar riffs carry the wagon.  Sad and fearless.
Only later did I learn the definition.
Debris: used to describe the remains of something that has been otherwise destroyed.

Have you heard this gem?

I left you on the debris
at the Sunday morning market.
You were looking through the odds and ends.
You was looking for a bargain.
I heard your footsteps at the front door
and that old familiar love song.
'cause you knew you'd find me waiting there
at the top of the stairs.

I went there and back
just to see how far it is.
And you tried to tell me
but I had to learn for myself.
There's more trouble at the depot
with the general workers union.
And you said they'll never change a thing.
Shook your head and they're not working.

Oh you was my hero.
Now, you are my good friend.
I've been there and back
and I know how far it is.
But I left you on the debris.
Now we both know you got no money.
And I wonder what you would have been
without me hanging around.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

Friday, February 6, 2009

200 Lost Gems and Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 14

"A nightmare...
is two bassists on stage.
Chris Squire

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 14 - Let's Begin...

70:-->Dan Fogelberg --------"As The Raven Flies" (4:30) --------Souvenirs (1974)
"I see the raven's made
her nest in your eyes.
She's got you thinking that
her love is a prize."

Double lead guitar action courtesy of Fogelberg & Joe Walsh battle from speaker to speaker. The 'Fogelmeister' has cahones after all.

69:-->Yes ---------------"Into The Lens" (8:32) -----------------Drama (1980)
"Here, by the waterside.
There, where the lens is wide."
Great bass and guitar work from Squire and Howe. And vocals from new member...Trevor Horn is nails. Lots of interesting goodies going on from this catchy epic 'mantra' of a tune.

68:-->Edgar Winter ----"Give It Everything You Got" (4:32) ----White Trash (1971)
"Here's your chance
if you want to dance.
You can sit there and groovebaby if you want to move..."

Scalding Caucasian RnR funk is a crank-it-up houseparty.
Outrageous unfettered jamming.

67:-->Poco -----------"Keep On Tryin" (2:54) ------------Head Over Heels (1975)
"I've been thinkin' 'bout
all the times you held me.
I never heard you shout.
The flow of energy was so fine."
Simple acoustic number written by a young Timothy B. Schmidt with "nail-it" harmony from Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and George Grantham. Must-own album.

66:-->Tom Waits ----------"Martha" (4:30) ---------Closing Time (1973)
"And those were the days of roses,
Poetry and prose and Martha
all I had was you and all you had was me."
Tom makes your heart literally...ache...from a perfectly captured moment of lover's regret. That late night phone call to a long time ago girlfriend. On-the-sleeve feelings are beautiful and heartbreaking. Genius.

65:-->Elvis Costello -------"Party Girl" (3:20) ---------Armed Forces (1979)
"But I have seen the hungry look in their eyes.
They'd settle for anything in disguise of love."

Costello plays his bitter/pain card with panache...while the highly underrated Attractions deal an unbeatable hand. Exceptional bass from Bruce Thomas. Very powerful.

64:-->Deep Purple -----"Child In Time" (live) (12:07) -----Made In Japan (1972)
"You'd better close your eyes and bow your head...
And wait for the ricochet."
Incredible song captured live. Gillian vocals are jaw-dropping. Blackmore is fire. And Jon Lord on Hammond organ is thrilling to hear. Add Glover and Paice on bass & drums respectively and you have yourself a toolbox. Much better than studio version.

63:-->Ramones -"I Just Want To Have Something To Do" (2:43) -Road To Ruin (1978)
"Hanging out of Second Avenue...
Eating chicken vindaloo."

Comes at ya like a Sipowicz interrogation. Deliciously loud and fun. These boys play "more than the sum...".

62:-->Little River Band --"Home On Monday" (3:07) --Diamantina Cocktail (1977)
"I was hoping to catch a glimpse
of the man from Memphis.
They told me that he had gone.
Never leaving a trace
LRB rolls sevens with this oddly sweet ballad that displays a sadness rarely captured. Hard to forget and one of their best.

61:-->Bad Company -----"Peace Of Mind" (3:22) ------Burnin' Sky (1977)
"People going nowhere
Cause their eyes are closed.
They don't know what they are lookin' for...
Cause nobody knows."

Strong soulful vocals from Rodgers on this mid-tempo gem. Nice guitar from Ralphs. Album unfairly tanked...but absolutely is a must-own.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Video Gold:-->Nils Lofgren

"Out for the first...
the atmosphere is heavy.
World title lays on the line."
~ Nils Lofgren ~

Nils Lofgren had a mucho distinguished RnR resume...long before joining the legendary...Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Nils was only 17 when asked to join Neil Young's band.
Nils was the leader of the critically acclaimed band...Grin, in the early '70's.
Nils began releasing some tasty solo albums starting in 1975.

And it was only in 1984...that Nils began recording and touring with..."The Boss".

My first introduction to Nils Lofgren was hearing his under-appreciated 5th solo album...Nils (1979).

Lost gem:--> "No Mercy" about the tragic and euphoric passage of time under the guise of a bloody boxing ring battle.  Unforgiving and unrelenting...and in the end...unstoppable.  Bob Ezrin behind the glass.

Have you heard this gem?

Out for the first...the atmosphere is heavy.
World title lays on the line.
Strong and proud he is much older.
I am the faster...I’m in my prime.

Third round late he starts to tire.
Open cut over his left eye.
Smelling blood...attack is relentless.
In the back seats I see his girl cry.

Cry...No mercy. No quarter.
No place to hide for me and the man.
Lefts and rights never came in harder.
No mercy...take it while you can.
No mercy take it while you can.

Back in my corner they scream, "No mercy!"
"Put him away, don’t let him recover!"
Someone’s eyes drill holes in my head.
It is his proud determined mother.

I wish another could do this thing for me.
His eyes are flooded..doubt he can even see.
I hungered this title...but now it don’t seem right.
I fight back tears while I destroy his life.

Pick up some Nils Lofgren.

Good Stuff.

Casey Chambers