Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something's Burning...and I got nuttin'!

Something's Burning...
and I got nuttin'!

1.  Just 3 days after "Sgt Pepper..." dropped, Jimi Hendrix learned it and opened his show with this little ditty.
"SPLHCB" - Jimi Hendrix Experience December 22, 1967

2.  Can you name the Neil Young Songs off these albums released before 1980?
My score was 30/95.  (I crapped out. Just couldn't think!)

3.  I think Pink Floyd's..."Animals" a tremendously underrated album and one of my "go-to" records when I want to hit the lights and unwind.  At Neptune Pink Floyd...they share a few early outtakes from "Animals".  It's exciting hearing the small changes that would be made as each song evolved.
Checkout... Neptune Pink Floyd

4.  I've read one of'em.  Own another that's on my "to-read" list.  And the other two sound worthy of a few late nights.
4 Books To Scare The Life Out Of You

5.  Stevie Wright was an Australian rocker with a bit of the "Bon Scott" goin' on.  Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs damaged him...and almost killed him.  Wright was also lead singer for the Easybeats (60s') and Flash In The Pan (80's).

"Black-Eyed Bruiser" - Stevie Wright/Black-Eyed Bruiser (1975)

"The Stevie Wright Story...So Much To Say"

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers
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