Friday, September 7, 2007

Ramblings:-->Stephen Stills & Google Reader & Collage Artist

"When I was twelve, I learned how to play the guitar.
Got myself a job in a jax beer bar.
Got myself together, went to New Orleans.
Found myself workin' for rice and beans."
Stephen Stills

Free Time has become a valuable...and sadly...rare commodity for that classes have started up again. So when I recently discovered a way to milk more pleasure in my internet moments...I kicked myself for putting it off so long.

I'm talking about using a..."Reader" for my surfing needs. In this instance..."Google Reader". An on-line program that pings all of your regular blogs and websites with lightning speed...And delivers you all the fresh updates.

I might be preaching to the choir....but let me continue for just another moment.

Like most of us...I added a "rss"...on my blog for others to subscribe to...But I never bothered with them myself. I mean...I have my favorite bookmarks...and I just load them up in my FireFox browser.

But I can't tell you how many times I visited a site...only to find...there was nothing new posted. Multiply this action by tens...and you have spent a lot of time surfing...but...for not.

With Google Reader...(or another of your choice)...I can start up my reader...and know...with in seconds...which blogs have new posts. And which ones have not changed.

To start...I visited all my favorite usual. Then I would click the orange rss icon on the page to subscribe. The blog is immediately added to my reader. I mark the site as being read...and then move on to the next one.

The next time I want to visit my..."musical blogs"...I open my Google Reader. It quickly alerts me to which sites have been updated...saving me MUCHO time from hitting sites that have nothing new.

Google Reader is easy to use. And it is free! What a time-saver!

Others can explain this better than I. Suffice it to'll love it once you try it. Don't be afraid. Good Stuff!!

For those who dig artist with a different take...there is a terrific artist out of Kentucky who is taking it upon himself to create a unique 4x4 collage everyday. He then offers his one-of-a-kind piece of art for purchase on his blog...aptly called...A Collage A Day.


Long Goodbyes

I visit the site regularly...if nothing more than to just appreciate what he has come up with. Some I like and some...well...with either grabs you...or it don't.

Recently...I purchased a piece. And he is very prompt with communication.

BTW...I'm not getting any kickback from this post. I like what he does...and thought you might like to check it out. Good Stuff!

Stephen Stills' terrific 1st solo record lives in our basement in LP well as...CD. And it forever lives in my a memory soundtrack...while on a family trip to West Virginia several years ago.

Ringo Starr...Clapton...Hendrix...Rita Coolidge...Mama Cass...Nash...Crosby...John Sebastian...Booker T. All of these guys sat in on the self-titled album. And it stands as a wonderful and historical musical postcard of rock legends getting together and slamming the jam.
Hopefully, I'll catch the soulful Stephen Stills performing solo in Kansas real soon!

Here is Stills playing some tasty Hammond organ with some guy on guitar named Hendrix. Good Stuff!

Stephen Stills:-->"Old Times, Good Times" (Stephen Stills) (1970) (Must Own)

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