Monday, September 10, 2007

Ramblings:-->Jerry Jeff Walker -- & -- The Waltons and 9 More Shows That Should Not Be Dissed

"Nuthin' much happened in Luckenbach this month...
'Cept the potato chip man came by.
And then there was the moon..."
Hondo Crouch/courtesy of Jerry Jeff
I'll never be accused of being a TV junkie. And usually I catch up on shows that were talked about...when they go into syndication. Or packaged in full-season dvds.

In any case...having looked over Time's 100 Best TV Shows Of All Time...I saw many shows undeserving of being on the list. And , of course...I found that a few of my favorites...(and granted...I'm not a TV hound)...were left off.

I'm not sure how popular my all-time 10 favorite shows are (that were left off the Time list)... All I that I find myself watching these ten shows...whenever my remote finds'em.

Guess my list weighs heavy on the...nostalgia...side. Anyway...Hard to believe these ten were left off. Good Stuff!

The outlaw Jerry Jeff Walker is the author of the classic..."Mr Bojangles" song ...that over a ba-zillion people have tried to cover. But can't nobody (excuse my vernacular) work this song over like the creator..Jerry Jeff.

A forgotten gem by the odd...but wonderfully packaged..."A Man Must Carry On, Vol 2". Yes...there is a Vol 1...and is tasty in its own right...however, the "...Vol 2" offering is a Must Own. It is "that" good.

Filled with 14 tracks...Jerry Jeff includes some really nice songs recorded in the studio...i.e "My Buddy"..."Rockin' Chair". is the "live" recordings included here that sound amazing! On stage with his backing Lost Gonzo Band...Jerry Jeff appears to wear it all on his the small, intimate crowd...something truly special.

I have never heard..."Mr. Bojangles" done better. You'd never guess that he's probably performed this number since infinity. But even the dog-weary perfect delivery of..."One Too Many Mornings"...written by Bob Dylan. And Jerry Jeff owns it!

"LA Freeway" is another live classic number nailed by Jerry Jeff. And the crowd favorite..."Up Against The Wall" never fails to bring a smile to even the most crab-assed critic.

Also included on this legend Hondo Crouch...who delivers up some of his unbelievably descriptive poetry...that float over soft acoustic guitar and banjo.

This CD is a little bit expensive right now. So you may want to keep checking back. But Jerry Jeff Walker has left us a lost classic...and it deserves to be heard.
Good Stuff!


Jerry Jeff Walker:-->"One Too Many Mornings" (A Man Must Carry On Vol. 2) (1997) (Must Own)

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