Saturday, March 21, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 19

"I have short hands.
That's why
I have to bend up to notes; 
I can't always reach the frets."
Robin Trower

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 19 - Let's Begin...

20:-->Doobie Brothers ------"I Cheat the Hangman" ------Stampede (1975)
"The days grow short, the nights are gone.
Since you were here, I can't go on."

Epic in every way. With a haunting earthly sound that slowly builds into a tour-de-force jam. Co-founder Patrick Simmons and company create their own timeless..."Freebird".

19:-->Robin Trower-------"In City Dreams" (5:15) -------In City Dreams (1977)
"Down in the dirt and candy wrappers...
there's pretty ladies on parade."

Strong title track with a relaxing (not to be confused with wimpy) coffeehouse feel. Plenty of tasteful wah & verb. And Dewar's vocals are smoke.

18:-->Gordon Lightfoot -------- "Miguel" (4:09) ----Summer Side Of Life (1971)
"Like a shadowy ghost
at dawn he came and he went.
Through the woodlands swiftly gliding
to the young maid, he came riding."

Stunning in its beauty and sadness. Catchy and timeless. One listen will make you hunger for more. Great song.

17:-->New York Dolls ----"Personality Crisis" (3:43) -----New York Dolls (1973)
"And you're a prima ballerina
on a spring afternoon.

Change on into the wolfman
howlin' at the moon...hoowwl."

The NY Dolls were a tsunami hitting the beach.  Sleazy, raw, in-your-face guitar spanking rock...led by under-appreciated frontman...David Johansen. Wicked fun that leaves you feeling street-dirty. Now that's RnR.

16:-->Tommy Bolin ------"Sweet Burgundy" (4:13) ------ Private Eyes (1976)
"Winter time comes just a little too fast.
Summer just flies by on it's patient wings."

Bolin's guitar is like a feather on the wind. Beautifully understated with a fantastic guitar and sax solo that carries us gently away. Nice.

15:-->Fleetwood Mac ---"Bermuda Triangle" (4:08) ---Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)
"It might be a hole down in the ocean.
Yeah or a fog that won't let go.

Welch adds another ominous groove tune to his paranormal rock belt. Tasty portentous acoustic guitar runs...jump in and out...over some terrific percussion from Fleetwood.

14:-->Jackson Browne ----"Red Neck Friend" (3:56) -----For Everyman (1973)
"Honey you shake and I'll rattle
and we'll roll on down the line."

A good-time rockin' tune to crank up while letting the glimmering summer sun have its days.

13:-->Iron Butterfly ----"Scorching Beauty" (6:53) ----Sun And Steel (1976)
"Your sun has risen
leaving it all to see."

Who'd a thunk it?! Excellent up-front fuzz guitar with awesome tight groove. Better with each spin.

12:-->Pink Floyd ----------"One Of These Days" (5:57) ------------Meddle (1971)

Threatening double bass riffing from Waters builds to quite a crescendo as each band mate adds their urgent signature to the mix. The birth of "Dark Side..." is pronounced and causes my heart to go pit-a-pat.

11:-->Ian McLagan - "Little Troublemaker" (2:26) ---Troublemaker (1979)
"You don't have to worry...
your daddy makes his livin' with a gun."

A mucho-cool rocker from this keyboard legend. Friends that read like an RnR Hall of Fame gathering...(Ron Wood...Bobby Keys...Ringo Starr...Keith Richards...and whoever might have showed up on any given day)...provide Ian with plenty of energy...and refreshments.

To be continued...

Casey Chambers

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video Gold:-->Jethro Tull

"Lend me your ear
while I call you a fool.
You were kissed by a witch
one night in the wood.

~ Jethro Tull ~

Ian Anderson, the British flute-meister and singer of Jethro Tull has been labeled an acquired least by a few of my classic rock buds...and that's okay. To each their own.

The more I listen...the more I enjoy this band and their unapologetic way of waking your rock mind. I feel like a time traveler when spinning their tunes.

"Witches Promise"... a favorite from "Living In The Past" (1972).  Dig the crazy mugging.
Below...Jethro Tull - circa early 70's.

Lend me your ear while I call you a fool.
You were kissed by a witch one night in the wood,

And later insisted your feelings were true.

The witch's promise was coming,

believing he listened while laughing you flew.

Leaves falling red, yellow, brown, all are the same,
And the love you have found lay outside in the rain.
Washed clean by the water but nursing it's pain.
The witch's promise was coming, and you're looking
elsewhere for your own selfish gain.

Keep looking, keep looking for somewhere to be,
Well, you're wasting your time, they're not stupid like he is.
Meanwhile leaves are still falling, you're too blind to see.

You won't find it easy now, it's only fair.
He was willing to give to you, you didn't care.
You're waiting for more but you've already had your share.
The witch's promise is turning, so don't you wait up
for him, he's going to be late.

Good Stuff.

Casey Chambers

Friday, March 13, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 18

"If I don't break the rules at least 10 times in every song...
then I'm not doing my job properly."

~ Jeff Beck

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 18 - Let's Begin...

30:-->Jeff Beck ------------"Air Blower" (5:09) ------------Blow By Blow (1975)

Cool adventurous riffing from Beck. Funky rock fusion with loads of guitar wizardry that midway slides into a dreamy dose of JB blues flip. Not a single wasted note. Sooo nice.

29:-->Nazareth ----------"Too Bad, Too Sad" (2:55) ----------Razamanaz (1973)

"But when I got to her place
what I saw stopped me dead.
She was standin with a shotgun
pointed at my head."

A fun boogie rocker with Dan McCafferty's paint-peeling vocals and jam-slam band burning down the house. Love the fake ending.

28:-->Jethro Tull ------------"Rover" (4:16) -------------Heavy Horses (1978)
"The long road is a rainbow
and the pot of gold lies there.

So slip the chain and I'm off again.
You'll find me everywhere."

Speaks to the traveling-yearn in all of us. Awesome Arcadian strings and pied-piper flute temps the listener away from his desk. And on to the road. Tull rocks us...away.

27:-->Ian Hunter --"When The Daylight Comes" (4:25) --You're Never Alone... (1979)
"I want to weave you in words...
want to paint you in verse.
Want to leave you in someone else's dreams."

Warm mid-tempo rocker with added vocals from late guitar legend...Mick Ronson. Plus some up-front snap and pop drumming courtesy of Max Weinberg. Also a Must Own album.

26:-->Janis Joplin -----------"Get It While You Can" (3:33) --------Pearl (1971)
"In this world, if you read the papers, darling...
you know everybody's fighting with each other.
You got no one you can count on, dear."

A simply stunning track that screams of forewarning and one can hear the urgency in getting the message out. I wish she was still around.

25:-->Supertramp - "Fool's Overture" (10:57) -Even In The Quietest Moments (1977)
"Called the man a fool, stripped him of his pride.
Everyone was laughing up until the day he died."

Textures and layers from keyboard to synth...bells to howling wind. Spacious and epic. High watermark vocals by Roger Hodgson turns this cacophony of sounds and instruments into a mysterious melodic tour-de-force. Headphone ice cream.

24:-->Rolling Stones ----"100 Years Ago" (3:58) -----Goats Head Soup (1973)
"Call me lazy bones.
Ain't got no time to waste away."

Begins as a funky countrified ramble and rockslides into something much more dangerous. Wicked keys from Billy Preston and guitar from Mick Taylor. How does this not get airplay?

23:-->Rush -----------"A Passage To Bangkok" (3:30) -------------2112 (1976)

"We're on the train to Bangkok
aboard the Thailand Express.We'll hit the stops along the way.
We only stop for the best."

Straight ahead rocker that never overstays its welcome. Forgive the "Cheech & Chongish" lyrics and allow some tasty Lifeson guitar riffing to shake your head off your shoulders.

22:-->Bloodrock ------"Melvin Laid An Egg" (7:24) ---------Bloodrock (1970)
"I just want to go home
and have myself an ice cream cone."

Stellar guitar riff from the Bloodrock boys. Classic heavy metal to the nines. They out-Sabbath Sabbath and out-Funk Funk on this one. Bonus for nice pathos mid-break that...'bloody rocks'!

21:-->Prism ---- "Nickels and Dimes" (4:07) ----See Forever Eyes (1978)
"Now I serenade those rich old maids
like a sweet-talkin' two legged snake."

Head out on the highway and crank this summertime mother up. Then just leave it in and spin the rest of this Prism CD. Good band.

Good stuff. be continued.

Casey Chambers

Monday, March 9, 2009

Video Gold:-->Edgar Winter Group

"So I've come here
to give you a hand.
And lead you into
the promised land."

-Edgar Winter Group-

Edgar Winter achieved his biggest success in 1972 with his then band mates...Dan Hartman...Ronnie Montrose (left soon after to form his own band)...Rick Derringer and Johnny Badanjek.

Their album..."They Only Come Out At Night" (1972)...quickly flew up the charts...thanks to the amazing instrumental..."Frankenstein" and the amazing sounds from Edgar Winter's guitar strap keyboard and monster synthesizer.

The follow-up track pulled from this classic album was the good time summer jam..."Free Ride"...written by Hartman.

Edgar Winter Group and "Free Ride" on D.K's. Rock Concert.

The mountain is high.
The valley is low.
And you're confused on which way to go.
So I've come here to give you a hand.
And lead you into the promised land.
Come on and take a free ride. (free ride!)
Come on and sit here by my side.
Come on and take a free ride.
All over the country I've seen it the same.
Nobody's winning at this kind of game.
We've got to do better it's time to begin.
You know all the answers must come from within.
Come on and take a free ride. (free ride!)
Come on and sit here by my side.
Come on and take a free ride.

Pick up some Edgar Winter.
Good stuff.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 17

"If it has more
than three's jazz." 
-Lou Reed-

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 17 - Let's Begin...

40:-->Sweet ---------- "Set Me Free" (3:59) -----------Desolation Blvd. (1974)
"Gagged, ball and chained...
feel just the same.
Heads on the wall,
Maybe you're just playing games."

Great intro with driving guitars and drums. Not glam, this one. Just a banging straight-out rocker. Dynamite ending, as well.

39:-->Kiss ---------------"I Stole Your Love" (3:05) --------------Love Gun (1977)
"I remember the day that we met.
I needed someone, you needed someone too."

Ball-roastin' fireball tears out of the gate like a Belmont death race. Stanley and the boys still sound...hungry!

38:-->Lou Reed ------"Coney Island Baby" (6:35) -------Coney Island Baby (1975)
"You know man...
when I was a young man in high school,
you believe it or not,
I wanted to play football for the coach."

Brilliant groove with Lou's sleepy vocals sharing an epistle about...the early years growing up. Heartfelt. Bittersweet. Cynical at times. With a glimmer of hope dangling like a carrot that you may or may never reach. It gets to me.

37:-->Grand Funk ---------"Trying To Get Away"(3:25) ----------Phoenix (1972)
"I been out on the road with my thumb in the air.
I'm a long way from home but I just don't care."

Mel Schacher's bass and Craig Frost's keyboard drives the bus home. Farner and the rest of Funk sound loose and surprise with a crisp harmonic hook. Turn it up.

36:-->Nick Lowe ----------------"Cracking Up" (2:59) --------------Labour Of Lust (1979)

"And everybody's all around me...
shaking hands and saying howdy."

Skin me Lowe! Cool jangly guitars that shout Fogerty with another short catchy labour of hook. Highly addictive.

35:-->UFO ----------"Bella Donna" (4:27) -----------No Heavy Petting (1976)

"Came from passion, and you gave it a name.
The fingers are poisoned like needles in the drivin' rain."

Michael Schenker was tuned to the nines in the seventies and the understated aching cry he squeezes from his flying V Gibson midway is truly trip. And Phil Mogg's distinctive vocals simply adds candles to this haunting ballad.

34:-->Ten Years After --"Standing At The Station" (7:07) --Rock & Roll Music... (1972)
"As I step out of the carriage...
the station looks the same
as the one I left behind me...
though it has another name."

This one churns and rumbles like a runaway locomotive. A monster track with keyboardist Chick Churchill racing Lee's blistering guitar to the finish line. A favorite.

33:-->Squeeze ----------"Separate Beds" (3:23) -------------Argy Bargy (1980)
"Her mother didn't like me...
She thought I was on drugs.

Universal teenage angst described to the nails. Funny and rather sweet...without being the least bit condescending. Catchy as catfish. Clever as Sherlock.

32:-->Mahogany Rush ---"Talkin' 'Bout A Feelin" (3:04) --Child Of The Novelty (1974)
"People always putting me down.
This feeling that I'm walking on sacred ground."
Guitarist Frank Marino works it out. Definite Hendrix influences abound...but fugetabotit...let the boy play. Outstanding!

31:-->Outlaws ---------"Song For You" (3:32) ----------Outlaws (1975)
"I just can't see what would make you this way.
It's not me, I keep prayin'."
Tasty southern rock song with double lead guitar workage and nice harmonies. Timeless and sentch.

Good stuff. be continued.

Casey Chambers