Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"The Name Of The Rose" by Umberto Eco (1980)

"Well, it's a strange place that you've been livin' in.
And it's a strange line you've been deliverin'.
I think I like it...but I'm not really sure.
Don't wanna to fight it. Just wanna feel some more"
A good mystery will please even the most jaded of readers. Add some delicious philosophies and opinions that our author…Umberto Eco…enjoys disguising in metaphorical and symbolical context…and drop the whole mess into a wonderful historical back-drop…Now you have yourself a brilliant novel with "The Name Of The Rose".

The main character is William of Baskerville…an English monk asked to investigate a strange death at an Italian Monastery during the 14th Century. A time when the Inquisition was the flavor of choice. William will quickly bring to mind…Sherlock Holmes.

He is aided by his young friend, Adso, an apprentice monk, who narrates the events that occurred as he remembers them . It's hard not to think of Adso as being the…Watson…of this story. (My apologies to A.C. Doyle).

The environment of a monk's life is clearly on display…both good and bad…as well as the internal struggles faced within the Monastery. A monastery filled with secret rooms and hidden doors and labyrinths within…of which one could get lost forever.
A 14th Century Monastery
And the meetings between powerful religious figures…some ambitious…bantering and arguing over the various degrees of Religious power they hold. Many debates over the importance of poverty in one's life or lack there of...or the argument for the continued acceptance of the Inquisition practices would carry long into the night.

The importance of having particular knowledge…and whether it is better to share it…or withhold it…is another question asked in this terrific 611 page Umberto Eco novel. And one that would make for some thought-provoking late night discussions over some good coffee.

"The Name Of The Rose"
is a fascinating mystery filled with passion and regret…along with subtle philosophy thrown in by Eco for us to weigh , as well.
Good Stuff!!


An album from the 1970s...that seems to get quickly trashed by most critics the underrated CD offering..."Hotter Than Hell" by Kiss. Perhaps it is understandable...since the first issue of this album on cd was very muddied. Almost dull sounding. Since has been remastered and sounds terrific.

The band Kiss...were still busting their chops...and putting everything into the sound. Call me crazy...but I call "Hotter Than Hell" a forgotten classic. This 1974 offering was sharp. And the song "Strange Ways" (written by Ace) has never been topped.

Check it out! Good Stuff!


"Strange Ways" (Hotter Than Hell) (1974)
(Must Own)


whiteray said...

"The Name of the Rose" is a great book! It's been years since I read it, but I'm thinking I should go back to it. But my pile of books is so tall . . .

whiteray said...

Regarding an unrelated but previously mentioned matter, you might try this link, see what you think:

It is a great album!

Casey said...

I figured out the link...
And thanks!