Saturday, September 29, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"The Count Of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas (1844)

"From the claustrophobic beat of my heart
To the openness of your smile.
We're in this together going the distance
Right down to the last mile."
Graham Parker

No doubt...everyone has heard of this book.
"The Count Of Monte Cristo". It's a classic. Bona fide.

Yet...I'm surprised at the number of ...readers...who keep setting this one aside for later. Or worse...putting the book into their..."skip it" ...pile altogether.

Skipping classics can usually be blamed on the reader’s unfair assumption...the novel will be boring and irrelevant. Or maybe a bad experience with soured the entire pie.

But whatever the reason...Take a chance on this one.

"The Count Of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas is nothing short of amazing. His skill at bringing all his ideas and plans together in this exciting adventure will simply stun the reader. Filled with 528 pages of courage, greed, jealousy, friendships, love. And the big one...REVENGE!

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is a quite-simply...must read.

The story revolves around a young man...Edmond Dante. Strong...honest...and smart. His skills at navigating the seas has earned him his own ship. And many who want to serve under him. Best of all...he is to wed a beautiful girl who has been waiting for his return.

But jealous rivals want what he they frame Edmond Dante into appearing to be a traitor...have him arrested...quickly find him guilty and send him off to a prison island for life.

This is just the beginning!

It is in prison where Dante begins setting the wheels in motion on escaping...and exacting his revenge on those responsible.
Ch√Ęteau d'If
Prison where Dante was sent off Coast of France
"The Count Of Monte Cristo" is wickedly clever...and Alexandre Dumas has a field day in making sure that the the crime. And offers added proof to the saying...“Revenge is best served cold”.

"The Count..." is also available as a free download at Project Gutenberg.

Good Stuff!


Graham Parker is a terrific singer/songwriter that seems to have always flown under the radar. Even when he was with The Rumour.
Parker is known for his angry/sweet vocals that make his words catch the ear in a surprising and pleasing way.

In 1995, GP released "12 Haunted Episodes"...his first on an independent label...and it harkens back to classic early stuff...without the over-production.

Very acoustical...and probably Parker's mellowest CD to date. But don't confuse mellow...with weak! "12 Haunted Episodes" is a brave...heart-on-sleeve...piece of work.
If you missed this gem from Graham Parker the first time around. Grab it!
12 Haunted Episodes


Graham Parker:-->“Partner For Life (12 Haunted Episodes) (1995) (Own This CD)

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