Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost Gem: "Stone Cold Sober" - Crawler (1977)

"So let's take advantage of
the freedom they gave us

~ Crawler ~

This self-titled debut...released in 1977 is often mistaken for a Whitesnake album simply from the cover art.

Crawler (formerly Back Street Crawler) lost founding member...Free guitarist...Paul Kassoff to a heart attack in 1976 but continued on with a slightly different sound...more bluesy rock with a welcome dose of some tasty jazz influences.

Not a must-own album...but there are at least four solid songs worthy of your hard-earned cash...with "Stone Cold Sober" being the creme de la creme.

Lost Gem:--> "Stone Cold Sober"...lays down an awesome blues rock groove...almost dreamy in texture...and perfect for that late night drive. Creates an unusually cool vibe.
What happened to these guys?!

Have you heard this one?

Must be something in this life
Everybody in the world is criminal
This rat race of a place
Where we can't live.

I don't think
They can blame us, girl
They got the wrong idea
So let's take advantage of
The freedom they gave us
Pack our bags and
Get away from here.

'Cause you and me, baby
We have seen this world
Let's take the next train, child
Stone cold sober
Stone cold sober

The stone cold truth
Is they're all the same
Waking up one day
You find that precious thing gone.

I don't think that
We can ever agree
That there's more to this life
Than being free.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lost Gem: "Schemer Dreamer" - Steve Walsh (1980)

"... he's busy lighting candles
at both ends.
laying king with all his friends."

~ Steve Walsh ~

Steve Walsh had been the excellent keyboardist/vocalist with prog-rock band...Kansas...since 1974 before releasing his first solo album.

The album was a highly energetic rock offering that had little likeness to the proggier Kansas sound. Much looser to the goose.

Yea, Steve lightens up a wee bit...even while feeling the need to break some balls.

Lost gem:--> "Schemer Dreamer" is a piano driven rock-breaker with killer vocals and wicked fun lyrics. Deserved better airplay.

Have you heard this one?

Well the schemer's world is dizzy by the look of
things he's busy lighting candles at both ends
playing king with all his friends.
And his big plans for the future lay on someone
else's shoulders but he never tells them so, well
he don't want them to know.
I don't think I like the schemer's scheme: they use
abuse and I've paid my dues - excuse me if I don't
stay, that's all I've got to say.
Well he thinks I owe my life to him what a humble guy
It was better late than never when he said goodbye
If you hear me out there schemer boy, you blew
it bad
But that's alright for you.

Well the dreamer's situation's sure a sign of
certain death
He thinks he's found his way at last, but he don't
know this dream peaks fast.
And his politics and morals, just a phrase of fancy
words and then he thinks he's warm and real, but
he's still as cold as steel.
I don't think I like this dreamer's dreams, try to
light they don't ignite
Bite and he don't bleed, fight and he'll concede.
Well, he's got a lot, but I can't ignore the price he paid
Looking down his sloppy front he thinks he got
it made.
Well, if you hear me out there, dreamer boy, you
blew it bad.
But that's alright for you.

Well, prissy miss Christina don't tell no one she's
sixteen, ah but she knows just what to sell
promised Mommy not to tell.
And she's over bred and under fed - you'd like to
take her right to bed
Tries hard to look the part like she'd be nasty in
the dark.
Well, once I tried to win it she said "Just a New
York minute, boy,
Before we can get along don't you know you've got
to grease my palm."
I said "look madam, one dollar's all that I can find"
So she screamed "Get out. Get out before I lose
my mind!"
Well, if you hear me out there schemer, girl, you could
have had
But that's alright for you.
That's alright for you.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost Gem: "Carry Me Carrie" - Dr. Hook (1972)

"I carried you...
now carry me a little."
~ Dr. Hook ~

"Sloppy Seconds" (1972) was a Dr. Hook good-time tour de force filled with one catchy song after another.

The tunes are all sung with an enthusiastic playfulness that is contagious and often achingly heartfelt. A terrific underrated one-of-a-kind country rock album.

Lost Gem:--> "Carry Me Carrie" an awesome plea for some assistance (written by Shel Silverstein)...and sung by the soulful...Dennis Locorriere.
The rascally pirate...Ray Sawyer and the rest of the boys bring it on home.

If you can't get "hooked" by this're a frozen fish. Good stuff!

Have you heard this one?

Second Street and Broadway
Sitting in a door way
Head held in his hands
Looked to all the world like he was praying.
Foot wrapped in an old rag
Bottle in a brown bag
I saw him try to stand
Then I heard the words that he was saying.

He said come on Carrie, carry me a little farther
Come on Carrie, carry me one more mile
I don't know where it's leading to
But I know I can make it if I lean on you
So come on Carrie, carry me a little
I carried you, now carry me a little
Come on Carrie, carry me a little while.

Well he struggled to his feet
And staggered down the street
To the window of the five-and-dime
He stood and laughed a while at his reflection.
And then I heard him shoutin'
Something about a mountain
He could surely climb, if she was only there to point the right direction
But she ain't no, no ain't no.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost Gem: "Ashes To Ashes" - Steve Earle (2002)

"There was blood on their hands 
and a plague on the land.
They drew a line in the sand
and made their last stand."
~ Steve Earle ~

"Jerusalem" (2002) was Steve Earle's tenth album and I found it to be his best offering since "Copperhead Road" (1988).

This Americana troubadour throws down the gauntlet with thoughtful courageous lyrics...that shows his love for America and bitterness towards our politicians.

Released when our country's wounds were still festering and far from was songs like Springsteen's..."The Rising"...that people needed to hear...and, perhaps, rightfully so.

Eight years later...I find "Ashes..." as equally necessary. Definitely room for both.

"Ashes To Ashes" an edgy and hypnotic rocker with echoes of "Exile..." era Stones. Nice churning guitar and an awesome harmonica break seals the deal.

Have you heard this one?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

A long time ago before the ice and the snow
There were giants that walked this land
And with each step they took, the mighty mountains shook
And the trees took a knee and the seas rolled in
Then one day they say the sky gave way
And death rained down, it made a terrible sound
There was fire everywhere and nothin' was spared
That walked on the land or flew through the air
And when it all was over
The slate wiped clean with a touch
There God stood and he saw it was good
And He said "ashes to ashes and dust to dust"
Then the sea gave birth and it crawled up on the dirt
And stood up and took a look around
Said "I'm the next big thing and the gift that I bring
Comes directly from God, so there ain't no holdin' me down"
So he crowned himself king
Now no one remembers his name
But the seed that he sowed took the show on the road
There was blood on their hands and a plague on the land
They drew a line in the sand and made their last stand
They said "God made us in his image
And it's in God that we trust"
When asked about the men that had died by their hands
They said "ashes to ashes and dust to dust"
Now, nobody lives forever
Nothin' stands the test of time
Oh, you heard 'em say "never say never"
But it's always best to keep it in mind
That every tower ever built tumbles
No matter how strong, no matter how tall
Someday even great walls will crumble
And every idol ever raised falls
And someday even man's best laid plans
Will lie twisted and covered in rust
When we've done all that we can but it slipped through our hands
And it's ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Gem: "Beggar's Day" - Nazareth (1975)

"And I have crossed myself in anger.
All your mercy can't save me."


Nazareth...that little ol' band from Scotland...was wailing hard in 1975 with their classic..."Hair Of The Dog" album.

Heavy blam from start to became Nazareth's masterpiece.

"Beggar's Day"...written by Nils owned by shred-vocalist Dan McCafferty who delivers what can only be described as inspired interpretation.
Lead guitarist and mastermind...Manny Charlton...along with the rest of the band...butters the bread.

Have you heard this one?

If this is heaven, then I'm in hell.
If trust is misfortune, then wish me well.

While I think of sadness, baby
Your light shines through, your light shines through
Your light shines through

Because it's beggar's day
Because it's beggar's day
Because it's beggar's day

I've lost control of my darker side
A world all for free, on a nastier ride

And I have crossed myself in anger
All your mercy can't save me, all your mercy can't save me
All your mercy can't save me

Because it's beggar's day
Because it's beggar's day
Because it's beggar's day

See this love, I've stored for you
Wheel it and deal it, but our feelin's are true

Good stuff!