Monday, July 1, 2013

Horse Head: ~ William Devane Loves Gold "Songs", Too ~

"Stay gold 
stay gold."

William Devane loves gold.  It's no secret.  The man reminds us every day and night with his commercials.

But did you know the man also loves listening to songs about the glittery stuff?

The other day while Willie D was busy counting his coinage...I had the opportunity to sneak a peak at his gold-plated iPod.  These were the songs that came up first.

"The Power of Gold "Dan Fogelberg / Tim Weisberg

Up in the morning and off to...wherever...but not before mega-blasting this motivating day-starter!

"Jingle Jangle" - The Archies

..if there's one thing William Devane really's the sound of coins, preferably gold coins, bouncing around in his pockets.

"Your Gold Teeth" - Steely Dan

This is William Devane's "go to" conversation starter with the ladies.

"Shakin" - Eddie Money

...Anything by Eddie Money, really.  Sadly, no songs about gold, but he just loves the guy's name.

"City Of Gold" - Head East

Known for his roadside shenanigans, when strangers ask to break into show business...he quickly tells them, "Head East" and then cackles madly while driving off in his Bentley throwing them the (Gold) finger.

"Cold Ethyl" - Alice Cooper

...a big, big Alice Cooper fan...William likes wrongly singing about Ethyl's "gold"...because he keeps part of his investment hidden deep inside the freezer, too...buried underneath the ice trays.

"Silver and Gold" - Burl Ives

Nothing says "It's the holidays" in the Devane curling up in a soft gold Snuggie and nursing an extra-hot eggnog toddy with Burl Ives on repeat.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers