Friday, January 21, 2022

TCCDM 4 For Friday

 (4 For Friday)

*  Smooth as smooth.  Like skating on ice.  Now get your ass back in the car!

Take a look and listen to "Moain' In The Moonlight" - Howlin' Wolf (1959) over at Shitty Turntable, Awesome Records.

*  Here are 39 awesome...things.  And yeah, I believe more than a few rub shoulders with the "A" word.

*  Ask A Mortician gives us the wonderfully informative REAL story about iconic legend  Gram Parsons (and his botched Joshua Tree cremation.)  You're gonna wanna see this.

"The Magic Tree" - Steve Forbert / "The Magic Tree" (2018)

Good stuff.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

TCCDM Dig and Flip: "When Will There Be Good News?" - Kate Atkinson (2008)

When Will There Be Good News?
 by Kate Atkinson
Hardcover, 348 pages

This is the third book in Kate Atkinson's...detective Jackson Brodie series.  And like her previous two, the author loves weaving and winding backstories that seem almost random, but somehow fit together when you hit the homestretch.  This is a crime fiction tale with some intriguing pieces of mystery and a lot of characters to keep straight.  Many seem to have little connection with each other and I have to admit, I was a little bit confused.  It's only as I approached the homestretch that pieces began to fit together. 

It's not a bad read, but I couldn't help thinking while turning pages, the author was just writing to be clever.  Maybe too clever.  There are a few Louies and twists to keep you off-balance, and Kate Atkinson definitely has a very unique way of managing the seemingly unmanageable.  But the story takes off pretty slow and it never quite kicks it into high gear.  And though I didn't 'not' like the story, I was hoping for a little more suspense.  Kate Atkinson is a brilliant author as her first two Jackson Brodie novels will attest.  However, "...Good News" is just...okay for me.  Forewarned is forearmed.

"Bad News" - Moon Martin / (live 1981)

Good stuff.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Runt" - Todd Rundgren (1970)

"Runt" - Runt (1970)

I didn't know that "Runt" was an alias for Todd Rundgren's first solo album.  I always thought the album was some offshoot of Nazz.  But yes, this was really Todd's debut album and it's very good.  Catchy, trippy, sweet, and fearless.  Very much a prelude to his magnus..."Something/Anything." (1972)  The album is a pastiche of music filled with pop-psych, rockers, ballads, soul, and slices of avant-garde much like "S/A"...but trimmed to a more manageable head-spin.  So it never gets overwhelming or boring.   "Runt" is a fantastic first album for anyone and I'm not the biggest TR fan by any means.  This is a keeper and the perfect place to catch the bus on Rundgren's lengthy discography.

"Runt" (back)

Favorites include "Baby Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands."  The Beefheart flavored..."I'm In The Clique" is a head-twist.    And I think Rundgren's top-20 single..."We Got To Get You A Woman" really stands out from all the other radio fodder of the era.

My copy isn't the best.  The top has a 2-inch seam split and is a bit crumbly.  The vinyl is not bad.  A solid vg, maybe vg+.  Unfortunately, it's missing the custom inner sleeve with lyrics and photos.  I'll be looking for a better copy, but for now, this one will be a nice filler.  I found this at a record swap for $4.  Here is an interesting variant for those to play I-spy.  There were early album mis-pressings that had 12 songs instead of 10.  Rundgren put the kibosh quickly on those pressings but approximately 5,000 copies got out.  If anyone has one, I'd love to see it.

Bearsville label

Cat #

"Baby Let's Swing/The Last Thing You Said/Don't Tie My Hands" - Todd Rundgren / "Runt" (1970)

A1  "Broke Down And Busted" 4:32
A2  "Believe In Me" 2:04
A3  "We Gotta Get You A Woman" 2:52
A4  "Who's That Man?" 2:59
A5  "Once Burned" 2:09
A6  "Devil's Bite" 3:53
B1  "I'm In The Clique" 4:57
B2  "There Are No Words" 2:12
B3  "Baby, Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands" 5:28
B4  "Birthday Carol" 9:14

Todd Rundgren - production, arrangements, all instruments and voices (except where indicated)
Tony Sales - bass (except A4, B1, B4) percussion (A3, A6)
Hunt Sales - drums (except A5, B1, B4) percussion (A3, A6)
Rick Danko - bass (A5)
Levon Helm - drums (A5)
Mark Klingman - electric piano (B1)
John Miller - bass (B1)
Bobby Moses - drums (B1)
Don Lee van Winkle - rhythm & acoustic guitar (B4)
Don Ferris - bass (B4)
Mickey Brook - drums (B4)

Good stuff.


Friday, January 14, 2022

TCCDM 4 For Friday

 (4 For Friday)

*  Have you watched the Let It Be documentary?  If so, this will be the best 58 seconds of your day.

*  No more worries. Here's how to stop Amazon Alexa from purchasing something by accident.  Now go play Jeopardy in peace.

*  Sometimes you get to see a little crack in the matrix.

*  Always fun.  This time Vinyl Richie shows his Top Ten albums from 1970.  Is there a glaring omission somewhere?  Yes? No?  It's all good.

"Slark" - Stackridge / "Stackridge" (1971)

Good stuff.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #53

(a short jaunt)

"Almost Cut My Hair" - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / "Déjà Vu" (1970)
"I could've said it was in my way
But I didn't and I wonder why
I feel like letting my freak flag fly."

Let the beautiful stinging and heady guitar licks corral any misgivings you might have that Crosby's hippie declaration is anything less than an..."if you don't like our kind, you can kiss our ass."  Because the song has always been about more than strands of long hair.  This was the bands' second album, the first to feature Neil Young.  And this square grabbed the #148 spot on RS's list of the 500 greatest albums.  Nicely packaged album, as well.

"29 Palms" - Robert Plant / "Fate of Nations" (1993)
"A fool in love
A crazy situation
Her velvet glove
Knocks me down and down and down and down."

The song has almost a time machine effect on me.  Makes me want to roll down my windows and trance into thoughts down the highway.  As for the lyrics...just snippets ever get through but that's all I really need for now.  It was rumored that Plant wrote the song for Alannah Myles.  And Twentynine Palms is a small town in southern California near the Joshua Tree.  Plant's sixth studio album.

"Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" - The James Gang / "Passin' Thru" (1972)
"Just take what you want
'cause there's more on the way."

I kind of nodded off right through this song.  Not bad, but pretty generic.  Joe Walsh was gone and Tommy Bolin hadn't arrived yet.  A curio about this album...early label pressings have the name as "The James Gang Bang" above the spindle instead of "Passin' Thru."  ABC Records quickly did a last-minute mind-change but whatever got pressed got out, so there is an interesting variant to be had. This was the James Gang's fifth studio album.


Good stuff.


Monday, January 10, 2022

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Josefus" - Josefus (1970 - Rei 2016)

"Josefus" - Josefus (1970 - Rei 2016)

Tasty acid rock from the little ol' state of Texas.  Not as psych as I'd hoped, but dusted a bit just the same and entertaining nonetheless.  This self-titled "Josefus" square was the band's 2nd album and it's a pretty solid offering.  Yeah, there are a couple of slipups on this square, but it's mostly an entertaining spin.  I liked it.    

Josefus' first album..."Dead Man" (1970) on Hookah Records is considered by many to be the band's best one.  Stronger material.  More psych-driven.  And that's not surprising.  Mainstream took over the band that same year and demanded they record another album before the year rang.  And six months later, they released "Josefus."  A few of the songs sound like they might've benefitted by being baked a little while longer, but the music still tastes pretty dang good.  Sadly, it would be the band's last album from this period.

"Josefus" (back)

Side one is easily the stronger with splendid guitar work provided by Dave Mitchell.  His guitar play keeps everything interesting and his creative runs and riffs often rescue what could've been a weaker on the almost throw-away track "I Saw A Killin'."  It's 'Mighty Mitchell' to the rescue.  Favorites include "B.S Creek"..."America"...and "I'm Gettin' On."

This is an Akarma 2016 reissue that offers up the record in a very nice polythene sleeve. There are also three bonus tracks included.  Unfortunately, there are no liner notes.  From what I could gather, two of the songs are taken from an early original A/B single when the band was called Come.  The other is a demo that was never released.  The vinyl label has all the track information on one side and the Akarma custom image on the flip.  It spins nice and though not amazing, has a good sound.  However, my copy has a sharp, kind of jagged vinyl edge.  Not on top where the needle drops, but the edge where your hands hold it and flip it.  I think it could draw blood if used as a weapon.  So my ears were definitely taking a special interest in the sound quality on the first spin.  But as I said before, the record played fine, thankfully, but damn...buyer beware!  

Akarma label (front & back)

Cat #
AK 361
AK 361 A
AK 361 B

"B.S. Creek" - Josefus / "Josefus" (1970)

A1  "Bald Peach" 2:42
A2  "B.S. Creek" 4:04
A3  "America" 2:38
A4  "I'm Gettin' On" 2:30
A5  "Sefus Blues" 3:12
A6  "Jimmy, Jimmy" 2:39
B1  "Feelin' Good" 6:10
B2  "Condition" 3:01
B3  "I Saw a Killin'" 2:23
B4  "Such Is Life" 3:07
B5  "Country Boy" 3:18 
B6  "Crazy Man" 3:42
B7  "I Love You" 2:27

Pete Bailey - vocals, harmonica
Dave Mitchell - guitar 
Ray Turner - bass
Doug Tull - percussion 

Good stuff.


Friday, January 7, 2022

TCCDM 4 For Friday

(4 For Friday)

Tossing fried rice has now become an amazing technique of art.  You're gonna wanna see this.

*  Paul McCartney - "The Lyrics" (2021) according to Bloggerhythms.

*  Underage kids surviving on the streets of Seattle. Plus two songs by Tom Waits.  A fascinating and sad documentary, "Streetwise." (1984)  "...these kids were so starving for attention and affection, that by offering both, the filmmakers were able to get whatever they wanted."  ~Roger Ebert. (4 stars)        

*  Winter stream freezes and then completely disappears right before your eyes.  Mother Nature, yo! 

"Long Gone Long" - The Rainmakers / "The Rainmakers" (1986)

Good stuff.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Pampered Menial" - Pavlov's Dog (1975)

"Pampered Menial" / Pavlov's Dog (1975)
(prog rock)

Pavlov's Dog was a prog band out of St. Louis, Missouri and their debut album "Pampered Menial" is a prog album, I suppose.  But there's an AOR presence here, as well.  It's tough to label.  Prog is such a slippery matza ball anyway.  It's like ordering eggs for breakfast.  There's a lot of different ways to have them served.  Everyone has their own...specifics.  Me, I generally gravitate toward prog with a more psych-dusted...trippier edge and closer to the late 60s.  Closer to the egg, if you will.  Still, "Pampered Menial" is pretty good for what it is.  It definitely has a unique sound.  I'm gonna have to spin it a few more times to see if this becomes a grower before deciding to pass it forward.

The lead singer, David Surkamp, has an obvious "Geddy Lee" bend, but with a more feminine timbre.  Hate it or love's amazing.  There are gentle piano, flute, and violin shoulder taps going on to balance out the harder rocking moments.  Together, Pavlov's Dog brings to mind Rush, but with an early Supertramp / Marty Balin ramble.  And now I'm rambling.  What do I know?  I don't know anything.  

"Pampered Menial" - Pavlov's Dog (back)

Favorites include..."Fast Gun."  The ballad..."Julia" is a gentle album opener and was the song I first heard while listening to Sirius "Deep Tracks" radio.  I enjoyed it then, and still do.  And "Of Once and Future Kings"...the longest track at 5:30 minutes is the digital burner for sure and certainly the most epic.

My copy had a $6 price tag and was clean as clean!  The sound just jumps from the speakers.  The album cover has a bb hole in the bottom left, but that's something that's never bothered me.  However, with the white frame border, the hole is more noticeable than I like.  Whaddygonnado?

"Pampered Menial"Pavlov's Dog (inside gatefold)

abc Records label

Cat #
ABCD 866  (B scratchout)  A  1B  SX T  MCR 1 S
ABCD 866  (B scratchout)  1B  SX T  MCR  MARV ZUKASKY

"Of Once And Future Kings" - Pavlov's Dog / "Pampered Menial" (1975)

A1  "Julia" 3:12
A2  "Late November" 3:13
A3  "Song Dance" 5:01
A4  "Fast Gun" 3:04
A5  "Natchez Trace" 3:43
B1  "Theme From Subway Sue" 4:25
B2  "Episode" 4:08
B3  "Preludin" 1:37
B4  "Of Once and Future Kings" 5:32

David Surkamp - vocals, guitar
Steve Scorfina - lead guitar,
David Hamilton - keyboards
Doug Rayburn - mellotron, flute
Siegfried Carver - violin, viola, Vitar, 
Rick Stockton - bass
Mike Safron - drums, percussion

Good stuff.


Sunday, January 2, 2022

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Puff" - Puff (1968)

"Puff" - Puff (1968)

It was the last day for me to use my 15% discount and all the really good stuff looked like they had been pulled from the used record bins. Disappointed and in a hurry, I came across Puff's self-titled square for $10.  Band...unknown.  Album...never seen.  I was hoping it might be some early psych and that's exactly what it is.  Pop-psych with a couple of fuzzy psych breaks and a few floaty tracks to mix it up.  A little flute here and there, as well.  All really good and with enough trippy goodness to please the psych pallet.  From front to back, Puff was a surprisingly solid spin.  The songwriting is top-notch, too.  Clever and catchy, with each song bringing something a little more than you first expect.

Before Puff...the band was known as The Rockin' Ramrods, a more garagey, almost proto-punk band out of Boston and, along with other Boston bands like The Remains and The Barbarians, were quite popular.  Here they took a different approach. 

"Puff" (back)

Favorite tracks include the fuzzed-up "Of Not Being Able To Go To Sleep" and the floaty, head spin, "Changes."  "Walk Upon the Water" is a groovy, flutey kinda worm thing.  And the wonderful "Dead Thoughts of Alfred" is pure pop-psych goodness. This was to be Puff's only album and it's an especially nice contribution to any psych shelf.  Price-wise, Puff's self-titled offering is still flying under the radar if you find it cheap, I suggest you grab it.  

"Puff" (front and back MGM sleeve)

MGM Records label

Cat #
SE4622 - Side 1  MGS-1920-1A  1  LT
SE4622  MGS-1921-RE-1  11  L

"Changes" - Puff / "Puff" (1968)  (35:36 mark)

A1  "Dead Thoughts of Alfred" 2:02
A2  "Rainy Day" 2:42
A3  "Vacuum" 2:12
A4  "Walk Upon the Water" 2:00
A5  "Who Do You Think You Are" 2:27
A6  "Of Not Being Able to Go to Sleep" 5:09
B1  "When I Wake Up in the Morning" 3:05
B2  "Trees" 3:00
B3  "It's My Way" 2:52
B4  "I Sure Need You" 6:29
B5  "Go With You" 2:55
B6  "Changes" 2:30

Vin Campisi - guitar
Jim Mandell - piano, organ, flute, vocals
David-Allen Ryan - bass, vocals
Bob Henderson - drums, vocals

Good stuff.

Friday, December 31, 2021

TCCDM 4 For Friday

(4 For Friday)

*  You just can't believe everything you see.  Mind blow.

*  An interesting Top-10 list of the favorite vinyl finds in 2021 from PsycheDerek.  

Did you get a puppy for Christmas?  Or already have a dog?  Here are 30 dog psych facts that will have you viewing your four-legged friend differently. 

*  Hidden hologram on the Star Wars vinyl.  Very cool spinning on the turntable.  "May the vinyl be with you."

"Lost Forever, Left For Dreaming" - Rockets / "Rockets" (1979)

Good stuff.