Friday, December 23, 2011

Lost Gem: "Hell No I Ain't Happy" - Drive-by Truckers (2003)

"She's an overnight sensation after twenty-five years."
~ Drive-By Truckers ~

Drive-By Truckers deliver up refreshing "new century" southern rock. Well-written songs...terrifically gritty with a heart-strong urgency to bring it.

Their album..."Decoration Day" (2003) is a favorite...and ended up on several..."best of" lists.

DBT are good...and don't they love proving it!

Lost Gem:--> "Hell No I Ain't Happy" an on-the-road bluesy thunder-bucket of rock-n-roll.  And the expressive title catch-phrase makes for a dandy crank-it-up & pop-another-beer sing-a-long.

Have you heard this gem?

There’s a lot of bad wood underneath the veneer
She’s an overnight sensation after twenty five years
Sharp fast curves, power steering
unroll that twenty, buy me some beer
Ain’t too bad, too bad at all, pick up the phone if I ever call
Hell No, I ain’t Happy.

There’s a purdy little girl outside the van window
Bout 80 cities down, 800 to go
Six crammed in, we ain’t never alone
Never homesick, ain’t got no home
Check my mail if you would please, Jenn
Collect my things till I’m in town again
Hell No, I ain’t Happy.

But I get a little closer everyday
Gonna be a long time till I’m back your way.

I’ve seen just how much I can stand
One night in Kansas City, we thought about killing a man
Seen my number fly by on Interstate Ten
Seen the mountains of Montana at Seven AM.
And I keep it all together for the sake of the kids
Got your fine-ass self on the back of my lids
Hell No, I ain’t Happy.
But I ain’t too crappy, too crappy at all.

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Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost Gem: "Time Out" - Joe Walsh (1974)

"The maids are in the hallway bangin' on the door
askin' what the funny smell was."
--> Joe Walsh <--

Wichita breeze...Joe Walsh...was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a member of The Eagles.

But most Classic Rock aficionados agree, Joe's earlier work as leader of the legendary James Gang...and...Barnstorm, along with several accomplished solo albums should easily provide more than enough cred for induction on his own merits.

Once you factor in his achievements as a producer, along with the ticker-tape list of session work he's done over the years.... and I guess ol' Joe can make as many goofy guitar faces as he wants while laughing all the way to the RnR Hall of Mugs...I mean Fame.

Forever adored by his Wichita, Kansas family...Joe Walsh is the real mccoy. Accept no substitute.

Lost Gem:--> "Time Out"...from Walsh's first solo album..."So What" (1974)...has that very distinctive guitar churn and stellar slide-work.
It all sounds loose and free, when, in fact, there's not a wasted note anywhere. His bite-ass lyrics are trademark good, as well.

Have you heard this gem?

Goin' through the motions
Tryin' not to snore
Didn't know the gun was loaded.
Rowin' through the ocean
Caught without an oar
Someone said they all exploded.

Time out, save the play
Try to make the line last
Any old way you can.
Signed out, blown away
When you speak your mind out
Never say what you plan.

The maids are in the hallway
Bangin' on the door
Askin' what the funny smell was.
Wake you up and tell you
It's OK to sleep some more
By the way, is there any you can sell us?

So the case is gettin' hotter
Hear me tell ya, Jack
Stick 'em up, you've just been busted
Your basement's full of water
Forgot about the tide
Hope to God the pump ain't rusted

Signed out, blown away
When you speak your mind out
Never say what you plan
Time out, save the play
Try to make the line last
Any old way you can.
(Editors note:--> This is the way I hear the lyrics. I've found many interpretations.)

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Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lost Gem: "Nothing's Free" - Alice Cooper (1994)

"Sign upon the bloody line. 
A drop of yours,
a drop of mine."
--> Alice Cooper <--

Sometimes people forget.

Maybe it's all his hobnob golfing. Maybe it's his friendly classic rock radio program. Or maybe it's because he once allowed himself to be tenderized by the dangerous...Muppets!

I get it. Alice Cooper is a nice guy.

But DO remember this. On stage...Alice Cooper is an original Rock and Roll bad ass!

Long before there was a Marilyn Manson...Kiss...or...Rob Zombie, there was Alice.

For over 40 years, he has been delightfully creeping us out. Trapping his fans in an unsettling Rock and Roll web. Both musically and theatrically...Alice is (and always will be) the "Showman of Nightmares".

Embarrassingly overlooked by the RnR HoF, Alice Cooper was finally inducted in 2011.

LOST GEM:--> "Nothing's Free" from a must own and highly underrated..."The Last Temptation" (1994).  
The band sounds like they just walked into a 1970's Brady Bunch kitchen and they all wanna eat Marsha!...Marsha!... Marsha!
The showman deftly explains all things come with a price.

Have you heard this gem?

You, me
Shake my hand
Last chance, little man
Ain't it grand
It's a bargain, it's a steal
30 pieces of silver
And a deal's a deal
Sign upon the dotted line
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Nothing's free

Nothing's free
From the rules and laws of morality
Free to take your fill
Free from your own free will
Nothing's free.

My boy, it's getting late
I'll raise the stakes
So close
Control your fate, why hesitate
Seal the deal, close the sale
Take my hammer, drive the nail
Sign upon the bloody line
A drop of yours, a drop of mine
Nothing's free

Nothing's free
From your conscience or
Free from the consequence
Free to sin and death
Free till your final breath
Nothing's free
Free from the claws and flaws of your family
Free from obedient life
You're cut like a double-edged knife
Nothing's free, nothing's free
Oh, you pay me.

Free to ignore the bore of authority
Free to spit in the face
Be the winningest rat in the race till
Judgement Day
Then nothing's free
Bow to me if you wanna be free
Free from life, come die with me
And when we're dead it's for

Come on little one and dance in the fire
The heat's getting close and the flame's
getting higher
When the music's over there's a hush
in the choir
Nothing's free
When the trumpets sound and his light
is all around
And the saints all raise from the graves
in the ground
We'll be going way downtown
Way downtown.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lost Book Gem: "The Time Machine" - H.G. Wells

"I danced myself right out the womb.
Is it strange to dance so soon?"
--> T. Rex <--

"The Time Machine" - H.G. Wells (1895) a classic sci-fi tale about a gentleman discussing his latest invention with a small and unbelieving group of dinner guests.

Of course this intricate contraption is called...a time machine. (btw...the 'time machine' term we have all become familiar with was first coined by Wells.)

The inventor tells of his strange traveling experiments that carried him off into the future where he finds himself way the 'H' in the 81st century.
H.G. Wells
H.G. Wells' thought provoking ideas on evolution are worthy of discussion...and appreciating the fact this novel was written nearly 120 years ago makes it all-the-more amazing.

Long before our man Gene-O was writing about explorers "boldly going where no man had gone before"...legendary sci-fi author, H.G. Wells was dreaming of doing a little cosmic dancing himself.

T. Rex  -  "Cosmic Dancer"  Electric Warrior  (1971)

I was dancing when I was twelve 
I was dancing when I was aaah 
I danced myself right out the womb 
Is it strange to dance so soon 
I danced myself right out the womb 

I was dancing when I was eight 
Is it strange to dance so late 
I danced myself into the tomb 
Is it strange to dance so soon 
I danced myself into the tomb 

Is it wrong to understand 
The fear that dwells inside a man 
What's it like to be a loon 
I liken it to a balloon 

I danced myself out of the womb 
Is it strange to dance so soon 
I danced myself into the tomb 
But when again once more.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers