Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost Gem: "Long Way Down" - Michael Penn (1992)

"...and if I wear
apathy's crown...

don't call me highness."
~ Michael Penn ~

Under-appreciated songwriter...Michael Penn...has always been given props and accolades from most music critics...but seems to have never been given a fair-shake from music fans.

Maybe because many felt Penn had been blessed with "silver-spoon" opportunities. Fugetabotit!

Michael Penn is very good on his own merits. Mixing folksy with a bit of Rock...and laying down one unexpected killer line after another.
Penn demands multiple listens. Just be ready to be hit with a heavy does of shadowy reality with a slice of tongue-in-cheek!

Lost Gem:--> "Long Way Down"...from "Free-For-All" (1992) an all familiar...light-bulb moment...of realizing you are in love with the wrong person...and resigned to a weary acceptance. Penn's vocal delivery is flawless, unapologetic and cuts, oh so very close, to the bone. -->Brilliant!

Have You Heard This Gem?

Oh man,
look what the cat drug in.
It's got the dress, tho the color's gone
that I gave my one true love on.
Oh man, look what the wind blew home.
Never had this much stimulation
since her low down elevation, but
Oh, don't look in those eyes
bluer than blue
her rule's on the rise
and if I wear apathy's crown
don't call me highness
It's a long way down.

Oh, what terrible things she shows.
I'm overwhelmed by rumors this high
and overcome by lows.
Oh, what use is it to pretend
that I have the strength for this anymore.
This is all in the world that she lives for but...
Oh, don't look in those eyes
bluer than blue
her rule's on the rise
and if I wear apathy's crown
don't call me highness
('cause) it's a long way down.

Now I would suppose
that I'm not the only one
and one never knows...
but I got a feeling she's been
sleeping with the whole wide world.

Oh, don't look in those eyes
bluer than blue
her rule's on the rise
and if I wear apathy's crown
don't call me highness
it's a long way down.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost Gem: "Rock Bottom" - UFO (1974)

and natures queen...
you all know what I mean."

Releasing the excellent third album..."Phenomenon" 1974, UFO left behind their more spacier sound and began drilling for Hard-Rock oil.

It was also the place where a young 18 year old German guitar whiz...Michael Schenker...began flexing his axe muscles.

And lead singer Phil Mogg will forever be the heart & soul of UFO...whether playing heavy metal acoustic numbers or pounding rock-out jams.
"Rock Bottom" a ball-breaking...hard-rock...jam pie. Kid Schenker ends any arguments of his guitar spankage with one of the finest extended solos ever. Not one throw away note. And underrated bassist Pete Way is a thunderclap newman!

Have you heard this one?

Seventeen and natures queen,you all know what I mean.
Twenty-one a lone one, you can see the number's run
Now you look so peaceful, lying there asleep
With the wings of god above you
Before the spirits meet.

Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom.
Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom.

Shallow earth is closin' in above her lamps in your street
Lucifer goes walkin' down for you to meet
Minutes pass so slowly by the hands on your clock
Heavens door don't open, when you can knock.

With all the darkness closin' in
Will the light reveal your soul
Just one sweet kiss, on your clay cold lips
long, long sleep you'll never know
Where do we go, where do we go
Where do we go from here?

Good stuff!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lost Gem: "Remember" - Greg Kihn (1978)

"Nothing will ever be the same.
Some of the best things fade;
Some of the worst remain."

~ Greg Kihn ~

The first half of the eighties was Greg Kihn's most commercially successful period. Lots of solid pop-rock swag that was performed earnestly with just a swig of tongue-in-cheek.

Kihn was easy to like.

But the late seventies was when Kihn earned most of his RnR battle scars. Touring constantly, playing anywhere and everywhere.
In 1978 Kihn released an underrated album..."Next Of Kihn"...which has a very...close to the bone...vibe. It screams..."Hey! I'm Greg Kihn. And I don't deserve to be ignored." And it's a perfect starting point in understanding this flame.

Lost Gem:--> "Remember" a stunner...capturing a snapshot of a past relationship in a most haunting and epic way.

Have you heard this gem?

Silver bird takes off in the night
Another's comin' in
In any window a light
As every night begins

One thing stays on my mind
As I look back over time
I guess it just couldn't last
I feel it's fadin' fast

Do you...remember?
Do you...surrender?
Do you...(whoa) remember how it feels?

If it all comes back on me
I won't run and hide
Sometimes all you got left
Is your empty pride

Nothing, nothing
Will ever be the same
Some of the best things fade
Some of the worst remain

But I can't turn back the tide
Or show you somethin' inside
Or help you out when you fall
If I can help you at all.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lost Gem: "Breadfan" - Budgie (1973)

"All the money in this world
And I don't need it."
~ Budgie ~

Budgie was a blistering power-trio heavy metal hard rock band out of Cardiff, Wales that should have broke large.

Sounding like the best parts of Rush, Purple and Sabbath, Budgie pounded out creative riffs...trippy lyrics...and tight, confident playage. But for whatever unfair reason, Budgie could never gain more than cult status in the States.

Newbies, who have never heard Budgie, will have a field day exploring the bands loaded catalog.

Ray Phillips (drums), Burke Shelly (bass & vocals), Tony Burge (guitar)

Lost Gem:--> "Breadfan"...the opening track from..."Never Turn Your Back On A Friend" (1973) is a wrapped-up package of heavy metal riffage with an acoustic break that screams classic. 
A signature track and a perfect starting point.

Have you heard this one?

Breadfan open up your mind
Open up your purse
Never never never gonna lose it
Breadfan take it all away
Never give an inch
Gonna make a mint gonna make a million
Breadfan you've got it all, song
Long time friend
Gonna lose it in the end,who's a fool?
See girl give it all away
Stay a bird stay a man stay a,
Just stay what you wanna be

Loser give it all away never stay
With the widow of the man with the money
Sailor, wrapping up the town
With a gown and a record
On the top of you're gonna be a bad boy
Breadfan finger in the pie in the sky
For a shilling on the nose of a gee gee
Come on keep it all aside
We will ride on a boat to the middle of an island

Loser give it all away,
'cause I'm never gonna stay
'cause i don`t need it
Don't you feel it in your veins
All the money in this world
And i don't need it.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lost Gem: "Heart To Heart" - Aldo Nova (1982)

"She dreams
that if only
they could've seen heart to heart..."
~ Aldo Nova ~

Aldo Nova set the bar high with the tour-de-force rocker..."Fantasy"...which opens his self-titled debut.

Powerful and exciting...the song went on to become a staple at sporting events everywhere.

But this Canadian rocker was more than just a one-trick pony. Aldo has produced records and written songs for acts as diverse as Bon Jovi...Blue Oyster Cult...and the songstress Celine Dion.
His fine debut is filled with plenty of good rock songs and ballads...with a couple of tracks that should have broke large. If you're into cherry-picking, you'll definitely want to checkout..."Ball and Chain"..."Foolin' Yourself"...and my "lost gem".

Lost Gem:--> "Heart To Heart" urgency at its finest. Wicked blistering guitar spank pushes the listener to the cliff-edge. 

Have you heard this one?

There's a girl in the street, you should see the tears in her eyes
'Cause she weeps for a man who told her lies
And the man that she loved left her for somebody new
And the girl, she dreams that if only they could've seen

Heart to heart, oh, eye to eye
Love is a lie
Heart to heart, oh, eye to eye
Love is a lie
One day he's gonna pay

There's a man down the street
You can't see the pain in his heart
And he weeps for a love that he has lost
And the man left a love to go and find somebody new
Like the girl in his dream, now if only they could've seen

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers