Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Horse Head Has An Idea: "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean"


"Merry Christmas Mr. Bean" (1992)...is an episode from the UK television show that ran for four seasons called, you guessed it..., "Mr. Bean."  This had been in my "watch-later" box for months, along with other holiday finds, to curl up with as the "silver bells" get closer.  I'm really glad I did.  This is a wonderful little gem.  It follows Mr. Bean from the evening before Christmas until the big day.  It's all very funny and sweet and a tad melancholy in that special Mr. Bean trademark fashion.  This should be annual watching along with The Grinch...Charlie Brown...and The Andy Griffith Xmas episode.  It will never grow old, only endearing.

"Merry Christmas Mr Bean"  (1992)

Good Stuff

Casey Chambers

Saturday, December 8, 2018

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."You Broke My Heart So..."

"You Broke My Heart So..." - Spooky Tooth (1973)

This was Spooky Tooth's 5th album.  The one with the ridiculously blunt title.  When I finally got the gatefold home and gave the inside a better look...it turned out to be a bait-n-switch.  The inside is an exaggerated drawn picture of a crazy-mad woman doing the "jaw-breaking."  Pretty funny.  And the album's pretty good, too.  New guitarist Mick Jones (Foreigner) replaced Luther "Ariel Bender" Grosvenor on this album and gives Spooky Tooth a more guitar-driven sound.  Don't get me wrong.  Original member, Gary Wright is still heavily involved.  His solid keyboard work and backing vocals always seem to give songs a groovy ethereal vibe even on the more harder tracks.  I like reading AMG, but their 2-star rating of this album, I think, is way off!  Apart from a couple of weaker tracks, there's not a bad song on here.  For some reason, Spooky Tooth is one of those bands that seem to always fly under-the-radar. That's a bonus for folks like us.  Their albums can always be found cheap...and this one is worth a pop.
(btw...the Mike Harrison vocals on "Self-Seeking Man" sound like a young and dangerous Cher!  And it's awesome. Go Tube it.)

"You Broke My Heart So..." (back)

Inside Gatefold (watermarks on bottom)

Album Insert w/tracklist & essay

A&M Records label

"Old As I Was Born" - Spooky Tooth / "You Broke My Heart So..." (1973)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

Friday, December 7, 2018

TCCDM Dig and Flip: "Mornings On Horseback" by David McCullough (1981)

"Mornings On Horseback"...David McCullough (1981)
445 pages

This biography from David McCullough is a little bit different.  This one focuses on the life of Theodore Roosevelt before he runs for president.  Before he reaches the age of 30 even.  We learn in Teedie's childhood years...(yes, that's what he was called before the T.R. moniker caught on)...he was mostly a sickly kid that struggled with wicked asthmatic attacks.  Which is a tough gig, for sure, but his family was so very rich that whenever he had one, they'd pack up and take him on a trip.  Lots of trips! To the south. To the north. Across the ocean and other various places around the world to ease his suffering.  And sometimes Teedie would weasel an unnecessary trip or two just because he could.  Now I trivialize with tongue in cheek, but I think we can all agree the poor boy suffered from extreme bouts of entitlement, too.

However, as he entered high school and college, T.R. became pretty much a balls-out badass. Taking on all kinds of daring challenges and adventures.  Yeah, that weaselly little kid who played his folks like a fish grew up into a firestick of energy.  And as much as I rolled my eyes reading about his childhood, he won me back with his unfettered determination and successes in almost everything he attempted.

In those years, T.R. hadn't advised anyone about the size of "stick" they should be carrying around with them, not yet anyway, but history tells us that he soon would.  This biography is not David McCullough's best.  That bar is set pretty high anyway.  But his "Mornings on Horseback" is still an enjoyable education.

"Rider In The Rain" - Randy Newman / "Little Criminals" (1977)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

Monday, December 3, 2018

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home

(a 20-minute jaunt)

"Tragic Magic"  -  Traffic / "Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory" (1973)

One of the reasons I love traffic is Chris Wood.  His honking jazzical sax always adds mystery and trip to the Rock whenever it raises its head.  On this instrumental jam, Wood feeds his sax through a pick-up and wah-wah pedal.  Nice one for highway driving.

"Slipping into Christmas" - Leon Russell / "Slipping Into Christmas"  7" (1972)

What a tasty gem!   After all the over-played songs of the season have been regurgitated...(and we're just barely kissing December)...Leon Russell saves the day.  Evidently, this Xmas blues song was only released on a 45 in 1972 and then quickly disappeared into the void.  "Well deck the halls with teardrops, Scrooge ain’t got a thing on me."  I'll take all of this you got!

"Bus Rider" - The Guess Who / "Share The Land" (1970)

My ears hear a little BTO on this one.  If you were to minus the glorious Burton Cummings vocals, of course.  It rocks!  And, yeah, Cummings throws in the 'GD' word at the end.  Surely, the single was edited, right?


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers