Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book Buzz:-->"It's Not Easy Bein' Me" by Rodney Dangerfield (2004)

"Take it where you find it...
Can't leave it alone.
You will find a purpose to carry it on.
Mainly when you find it...
Your heart will be strong about it."
Van Morrison


Memoirs are often a crap shoot. Too much watercolor starts to stink. And obvious writer agendas that all too often raise their ugly heads...create a nasty funk, as well.

But when you stumble on someone's memoirs that ring dead-on true, then you got yourself a pretty good read.

"It's Not Easy Bein' Me" is a terrific 288 page offering by Rodney Dangerfield that completely entertains from page one.

The numerous stories of Rodney's brushes with legendary entertainers is a blast to read. And the shoulders he has rubbed up against is nothing short of amazing. Johnny Carson, of course. But how 'bout Al Jolson! Jack Benny! Lenny Bruce!

And the younger comedians he befriended trying to break in to the business reads like a who's who. Robin Williams! Jim Carrey! Sam Kinison! And the list goes on and on...with funny and sometimes...poignant stories about all of them.

Rodney's hard luck everyman..."I don't get no respect" gimmick was a match made in heaven. But it wasn't daisies and balloons. Although Rodney keeps the reader from getting too close to his painful past...he does give us a pretty good glimpse of what it was like growing up. As well as trying to break in his act. And Rodney's descriptions of New York City in the days when nightclubs were the flavor of choice are fascinating.

Rodney tells of his encounters with presidents and mob guys. His health issues and marriage. the book advertises...plenty of sex and drugs. To top it all...Rodney breaks up each story with one of his classsic jokes. And there are plenty.

Bottom line: You'll swear you hear Rodney's voice while reading the book.
Good Stuff!

Rodney On Johnny Carson Show


I caught up with Van Morrison late in his career. So I heard his later stuff, first...and his earlier stuff, last. With this introduction in mind...the CD that has brought me the most pleasure...And one I find myself returning to when I need a Morrison the underrated...1978 offering..."Wavelength".

Perhaps it was because it was released at a time when punk and new wave were the mound of sound. But, for whatever the reason..."Wavelength" went quickly Gold...and then just as quickly disappeared.

Fortunately...time has been kind to this album...and it sounds as fresh and hot as ever...and...from beginning to end...the backing band cooks like a propane grill!

The soulful Van Morrison was! And his "Wavelength" gem is a Must Own!

Van in '79 working the title track like a choo-choo train!


Van Morrison:-->"Take It Where You find It" (Wavelength) (1978) (Must Own)

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