Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Horse Head Presents: 6 Degrees of ~ CASEY CHAMBERS ~


6 Degrees of ~CASEY CHAMBERS

1.  Everett CHAMBERS -  TV producer

...spent decades in television and is best known as the executive producer for the classic detective series...COLUMBO.  One of my favorite eps..."A Deadly State of Mind" (Season 4 - 1975) is streaming now on Netflix.

 2.  Marilyn CHAMBERS -   Actress

...was a savvy and talented business gal who became a mega-star in the adult entertainment industry.  Her break-out performance in "Behind the Green Door" (1972) is NOT on Netflix...but will have you streaming just the same.

3.  Paul CHAMBERS -  Jazz bassist

 ...was one of the top bass guitarists of his era with his debut..."Whims of Chambers" (1956) considered an excellent sample of hard bop.
However, it is his outstanding string-spankage with the Miles Davis Quintet (1955-1963) that sparkles for this bass-bopping string-bender. 

4.  Cliff CHAMBERS  -   Professional Baseball Player

...was a southpaw who threw baseballs like a coal miner trying to dispose of a lit stick of dynamite.  He played for three different teams...most notably as a Pittsburgh Pirate...pitching a no-hitter against the Boston Braves one skin-blistering summer afternoon in 1951.

5.  Martin CHAMBERS - drummer

... one of the great "Pretenders"...known for tatting skins with 'inshredible' poundage.

They are all part of my family.
(trust me!)

Good Stuff!

Casey Chambers