Thursday, November 4, 2021

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Green Eyed God" - Steel Mill (1972 - Rei 2019)

"Green Eyed God" - Steel Mill (1972 - Rei 2019)

Here is some good early 70's hard rock with prog-psych dustings scattered about.  Steel Mill was a five-member band that offered a mixture of heavy riffing with the occasional flute and sax skulking around giving everything a dark and ominous vibe.  Almost every song morphs into something different and unexpected.  Not unlike what Sabbath liked to do.  To be sure, this is by no means a Sabbath wannabe.  Steel Mill brings their own attitude, but it all works just the same.  "Green Eyed God" is certainly an entertaining square and has been earning its share of "frequent spinner" miles.  One of my favorites this year.

"Green Eyed God" - Steel Mill (back)

Favorites include the gloom-driven "Black Jewel Of The Forest" that is both sinister and portent.  The epic "Green Eyed God" is an amalgam of groovy vibe changes and tempo sneakeries and sounds fantastic.  As does "Mijo And the Laying of the Which."  The floaty "Summers Child" and the pop-rock gem "Turn The Page Over" are both nice and heady.

Steel Mill recorded "Green Eyed God" in England and was released in Germany.  The band had long called it quits before the UK got their hands on it.  Original copies are pretty scarce and will set you back $300-$400.  This 2019 Trading Places re-issue includes two bonus tracks and comes in a poly-lined inner sleeve.  Sounds really good, but no added goodies are included.  I purchased my copy online for $20 from the UK but with shipping almost as much as the purchase.  Whaddygonnado?  I got it. No regrets.

Hype sticker

Trading Places label


"Green Eyed God" - Steel Mill / "Green Eyed God" (1972)

A1  "Blood Runs Deep" 5:14
A2  "Summers Child" 4:22
A3  "Mijo And The Laying Of The Which" 7:49
A4  "Treadmill" 3:56
A5  "Zangwill" 3:42
B1  "Green Eyed God" 9:41
B2  "Turn The Page Over" 3:49
B3  "Black Jewel Of The Forest" 6:01
B4  "Har Fleur" 0:44
B5  "Get On The Line" 4:12

Dave Morris - vocals, keyboards
Terry Williams - guitar
Jeff Watts - bass
Chris Martin - drums
John Challenger - woodwind 

Good stuff.


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