11 Favorite Books Read In 2021

"Every book is a new book if you haven't read it!" 
 And so, let us begin.

The Cabin At The End Of The World
 by Paul Tremblay
This “cabin in the woods" horror tale involves an adopted girl and her two dads who spend a weekend at a cabin far removed from cell phones and FaceTime. The story has its dark moments and surprises. Reads fast, but moves slow.
(full review)

Killers of the Flower Moon
by David Grann
The Osage Indian Nation was forcibly moved by the U.S. government to a piece of squat in Oklahoma and unexpectedly discovered the Osage Indians were sitting atop one of the richest oil veins in the world.  This set off a meticulously drawn-out killing spree of dozens in the community.  The actual number is unknown.  Plenty of photographs and well-written.

The Last Oracle
by James Rollins
A novel to reach for when you just want to curl up and burn some pages with a good adventure. This mystery adventure is filled with plot twists and thrilling ducks and dodges that include over-the-top cold war experiments and unreported nuclear waste sites  Plenty of action and louies to keep readers on their toes.

Gone With The Wind
by Margaret Mitchell
"Users in the front seat. Players in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up. Which one should I take?"  Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett  Butler.  Oh, those crazy kids.  "Gone With The Wind" is a basket of eggs and nothing arrives unbroken.  This historical novel follows Scarlett, the young, “fiddle-de-dee” Georgia southern belle... before, during, and after the Civil War. (full review)

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams 
by Stephen King
This Stephen King collection of twenty short stories is filled with edgy, emotional, amusing, scary, disturbing, clever, beautiful, and weird ideas. Each story has a different timbre in the telling.  A few have returned to bounce around inside my head for better purchase.

The Silent Land
by Graham Joyce
Almost like watching a trippy episode of "Black Mirror."  The story is both eerie and atmospheric with very off-kilter vibes.  Very little can be written without giving too much away, but suffice it to say, a young romantic couple on a ski vacation gets caught up in an avalanche.  Perfect for the cold, wintry nights ahead. (full review)

Dead City
by Shane Stevens
There are different ranks a member of a crime family can aspire to.  A few are destined for power.  The rest quickly learn their level of competence and settle into their own niche.  And then there are some guys who just don't know.  "Dead City" is a fast, entertaining story wonderfully told. (full review)

Whirlybird Day
by Bob Walkenhorst
A collection of short stories take place on the same day in the small town of Shorter, MO.  A quick and enjoyable read that captures all the small-town curiosities and quirks.  A bit of small-town deja vu, if you will.  Nothing is forever.  Some relationships are not destined to last.  Some often leave; some never do. (full review)

Superman: Birthright
by Mark Waid - Leinil Francis Yu - Gerry Alanguilan
Graphic Novel / DC
A retelling of the origin of Clark Kent, aka Superman.  Mark Waid updated the story for fresh eyes and does an excellent job laying the groundwork for our hero.  The artwork panels pop and hold hands with the story in a smooth fashion.  Nicely done and left me in a good mood.  Nostalgia.  Whadyagonnado? (full review)

by Alan Moore
Graphic Novel / DC
On the surface, "Watchmen" is a murder mystery.  But the story worms and weaves its way into much darker and shadowy areas not easily dismissed.  And as prevalent as the violence and paranoia that lies within might be, "Watchmen" is a bit of a love story as well.  Earns the hype. 

The Silkworm
by Robert Galbraith
Let me put to bed the first mystery.  I enjoyed this novel quite a bit.  The pages almost turn themselves.  This story has a nice flow that allows you to relax knowing you're in good hands  And the author plays fair with all the clues.  No last-minute trickery thrown in to quickly wrap up this mystery.  But what do I know?  I don't know anything.  I'm not a mystery connoisseur.  "The Silkworm" mystery fooled me.  And that's all I know. (full review)

And once again,
  "Every book is a new book if you haven't read it!"
  Go out and get you one.

"I'm Reading A Book"  -  Julian Smith

Good stuff.


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