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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."On Time" - Grand Funk Railroad (1969)

"On Time" - Grand Funk Railroad (1969)

I'm a fan of this little ol' band from Flint, Michigan and already have several of their albums, both studio and live, but for whatever reason...I could never find a nice playable copy of this out in the wild.  I knew I would eventually, so I held off until I found my own copy before having my first taste from Grand Funk Railroad's debut.  And now I finally own a very nice good playing copy.  I was not disappointed.   

It's heavy hard blues rock with plenty of tasty wah-wahs and fuzz-burns and thumpin' bass runs and drum poundage to carry the cargo with very little trouble.  This is the classic Mark, Don, and Mel power-trio we've all come to know and love.  There are a few classic staples on this debut you will recognize, but it's the deeper track gems that really tinkle the chimes.  Just as heavy and fun a spin as I hoped it would be.

"On Time" - Grand Funk Railroad (back)

Favorites include..."Anybody's Answer."  "Are You Ready?"  "Heartbreaker."  And "High On A Horse”  All these scratch that Grand Funk itch.  And each one carries a sprinkling of psych dust that'll put a wee smile on your face.  There's just something about Grand Funk Railroad that brings a  joyous nostalgia to the ears that's easy to crank.  

My copy has a ring-worn cover that I'm not a fan of, but a beautiful circle of vinyl lies within.  Much cleaner than the cover would suggest.  I grabbed it at an AOK Record Swap a couple of years ago for $3.00 and am just now getting 'round to cleaning it up and taking it out for a spin. This is where it all began for GFR, so if you like the early heavy hard rock stuff…"On Time" is one inexpensive head rocker.  Don't sleep.   Bonus:  I had a great conversation with 'foot-stompin' legend himself…Mark Farner…talking about the heavy, heady days.  Check it out here!

Capitol Records label

Cat #
ST1-307-W4  # 2  IAM [inside of △]
ST2-307-W2  IAM [inside of △] 

"Anybody's Answer" - Grand Funk Railroad / "On Time" (1969)

A1  "Are You Ready" 3:25
A2  "Anybody's Answer" 5:15
A3  "Time Machine" 3:40
A4  "High On A Horse" 2:35
A5  "T.N.U.C." 8:40
B1  "Into the Sun" 6:25
B2  "Heartbreaker" 6:30
B3  "Call Yourself A Man" 3:00
B4  "Can't Be Too Long" 6:30
B5  "Ups And Downs" 4:50

Mark Farner - guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
Mel Schacher - bass
Don Brewer - drums, vocals

Good stuff.


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