Tuesday, November 30, 2021

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Silver Apples" - Silver Apples (1968 - Rei 2021)

"Silver Apples" /  Silver Apples (1968 - Rei 2021)

The Silver Apples' debut self-titled album is an electronic psych-groove treat.  Seriously experimental for its time.  The music is a mix of occasional vocals surrounded by wonderful heady flutters, bloops, whooshes, drumbeats, and of course, oscillations.  Joined together, the songs throw off really nice trance-like vibes.  Each song maintains a similar level of aura, and yet I notice something interesting and different every time I spin it.  I just put the record on and my mind disengages...and away I go.

Made up of two New Yorkers...Simeon, tweedling and sliding knobs on his self-built one-of-a-kind oscillator gizmo and Danny Taylor providing the drum beats.  It's all a groovy, trippy experience and a must-own album for psychedelic fans who totally dig stretching the boundaries.

"Silver Apples" / Silver Apples (back)

Favorite songs include "Oscillations"..."Lovefingers"...and "Velvet Cave," however as John Prine liked to say, "Everything is cool."  I snagged mine from Amazon on sale for $20.  This copy is a 2021 reissue on Jackpot Records...using the original master tapes and pressing it on Liquid Smoke vinyl.  (Originals were first pressed on Kapp Records.)  

Hype sticker

Inner sleeve (front-back)

Colored Liquid Smoke Vinyl

Jackpot Records

Cat #
JPR034 A  B0024557-01 A  TELEGRAPH-GONSALVES  36465-1 (3)
JPR034-B  S-97573  34783-2  TELEGRAPH-GONSA

"Lovefingers" - Silver Apples / "Silver Apples" (1968)

A1  "Oscillations" 2:47
A2  "Seagreen Serenades" 2:53
A3  "Lovefingers" 4:10
A4  "Program" 4:05
A5  "Velvet Cave" 3:28
B1  "Whirly-Bird" 2:39
B2  "Dust" 3:42
B3  "Dancing Gods" 5:55
B4  "Misty Mountain" 2:38

Dan Taylor - drums, percussion, vocals
Simeon - oscillators, flute, vocals

Good stuff.

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