Friday, November 19, 2021

TCCDM 4 For Friday

(4 For Friday)

Early footage of Emerson, Lake & Palmer: “From the Beginning” (1972) at Progography.

*  There's gotta be one that'll change your life. Interesting (20) lifehacks worth knowing.  

*  A short clip of a human white blood cell chasing a bacteria bastard in your body. Go, team!

*  Here is another new Stranger Things Season 4 trailer to whet your pallet.

"Stone Cold Sober"  - Crawler / "Crawler" (1977)

Good stuff.

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Charlie Ricci said...

I don't see an email address for you so I'll leave you a comment here. Thanks for listing me as one of you favorite blogs. I've had yours on my blogroll for a while now & I appreciate what you do too.