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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Somebody's Watching" - Rare Bird (1973)

"Somebody's Watching" - Rare Bird (1973)

Sounding like some kind of Doobie Brothers/Steely Dan hybrid, if Rare Bird hadn't had such a prog reputation preceding them...this album might've been all over the radio.  The band's GPS was definitely feeding them a different route on their journey.  Certainly not as proggy.  Although the last song on side two carries the prog-rock banner rather nicely.  It throws a cool nod to Ennio Morricone and is just killer.

"Somebody's Watching" finds Rare Bird with a bit of AOR rock funk in the fire.  They can still wicked-play and jamm-off nicely in a delightful fashion.  The progressive band from England doesn't dance with the prog-lady too often on this album.  But knowing that going in...what they pull off is a solid spin just the same.

"Somebody's Watching" - Rare Bird (back)

Favorites include the closing track and most prog song on the album..."Dollars..." mentioned earlier.  'Turn Your Head" is very bait-n-hook and a song I first heard on Sirius Deep Tracks.  And "Third Time Around" is a smoker.

I found this one at Spektrum lost in one of the "New Arrivals" bins for $6.  I wanted to leave with something and I grabbed it.  My only Rare Bird.  I just don't see them around much.  The vinyl is vg+ with an album corner-cut...(but not a straight saw-cut.)  Kind of weird.  I also noticed it was missing a plastic sleeve like the others had, and they gladly sleeved it for me.  I've spun this album a bunch.  A cheap album with some bang.

Polydor label

Cat #
PD-6502-A-1A  STERLING  RL  22  
PD-6502-B-1A  STERLING  RL  22

"Turn Your Head" - Rare Bird / "Somebody's Watching" (1973)

A1  "Somebody's Watching" 5:25
A2  "Third Time Around" 4:55
A3  "Turn Your Head" 4:38
A4  "More And More" 4:05
B1  "Hard Time" 3:06
B2  "Who Is The Hero" 3:39
B3  "High In The Morning" 3:30
B4  "Dollars" (Incorporating Extracts From "A Few Dollars More") 8:38

Steve Gould - vocals, guitar, bass
Dave Kaffinetti - piano, clavinet, organ
Andy Curtis - guitar
Nic Potter - bass
Fred Kelly - drums, Northern percussion
Paul Korda - b-vocals
Nicky James - b-vocals
Kevin Lamb - b-vocals
John Wetton - bass (B4)

Good stuff.

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