Tuesday, August 10, 2021

TCCDM Dig and Flip: "The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams" - Stephen King (2015)

"The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams" 
by Stephen King
Hardcover, 495 pages

This Stephen King collection of short stories is filled with a collage of ideas. (Really? Collage? That's the word I wanna go with?)  How about I say each story has a different timbre in the telling.  Edgy, emotional, amusing, scary, disturbing, clever, beautiful, and weird.  A collage.  And we both know that every story can't all be cream and peaches.  I mean, at least one story has to come in last place, right?  It's the long-held rule of ranking.  But I'm not gonna play that. There was really not a bad story in the bunch.  Or a weak one for that matter.  So spend your money fearlessly and your time freely with no regrets.

If my note-taking is correct, (I don't have the hardback in front of me at the moment) there are twenty shorts waiting to be devoured within the cover.  I especially enjoyed reading the little prefaces before each story explaining directly, or indirectly, just what was going on in King's head that urged him to play peck-peck once again with his typewriter.  Pretty cool stuff.  As I said, I like them all, but the stories that have stayed with me the longest are:
"Bad Little Kid."
The memories from reading these particular stories have returned most often...bouncing around in my head for purchase.  And other tales as well, but we'll keep the list to three.

"Dreamer" - Tommy Bolin / "Teaser" (1975)

Good stuff.

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