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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Charge" - Charge (1973 - Rei 2019)

"Charge" - Charge (1973 - Rei 2019)

Charge was a British hard rock trio from the early 70s who recorded one album, made a few pressings to pitch to the ties, and then quickly disappeared into the sunset.  It wasn't until 20 years later when a few bootlegs started showing up on the market that interest grew and turned a forgotten piece of square into a sought-after curiosity.

The album is hard rock with good lyrics and vocals...all dusted with some garagey-prog ambiance and light psych wanderings.  The album also avoids the blues-rock cliches that often permeated many albums of this period.  There is also a portent undercurrent that gives the album an overall edginess.  Not heavy dark…but it's there.  Charge's self-titled album is a good spin, if a bit stingy on the total runtime.

"Charge" - Charge (back)

Original copies are nigh on impossible to find and expensive, while many bootlegs have been reported as being very muddy or dull.  This is the first official vinyl reissue remastered with the band's approval and is certainly an improvement, but it's not perfect.  A little crowded in places.  Still glad to have it.

Favorites include the riff-laden "Glory Boy From Whipsnade" and the dark and doom-churning "To My Friends."  I especially enjoyed the 17-minute sidelong track "Child Of Nations" from side two with its spacey, proggy, and psychedelic moments. 

The album comes with a 12x12 color insert with pictures and liner notes.  As well as a download card. (However, my card was for a different album?!)  The 2019 re-issue album cover is taken from an early promo poster and is not nearly as interesting as the original cover art.  This was an online purchase with a $28 sting and free shipping.  I'd recommend picking it up if you see it.

"Charge" (hype sticker)

"Charge" 12 x 12 Insert (front and back)

Sommor label

Cat #

"Glory Boy From Whipsnade" - Charge / "Charge" (1973)

A1  "Glory Boy From Whipsnade" 4:02
A2  "To My Friends" 5:03
A3  "Rock My Soul" 3:44
B1  "Child of Nations" 16:54
           a. "Soldiers"
           b. "Battles"
           c. "Child Of Nations"

Dave Ellis - guitar, vocals
Ian MacLaughin - bass, vocals
Pete Gibbons - drums

Good stuff.

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