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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Fallen Angels" - The Fallen Angels (1967)

"The Fallen Angels" - The Fallen Angels (1967)

The Fallen Angels was a garagey psych-rock band with good pop-rock sensibilities.  Their self-titled debut album was a pretty solid affair.  Good lyrics and nice melodic catch with enough pop-psych flavor to make things interesting without losing direction.  The band hailed from our nation's capital, Washington D.C.  And off the top of my head and without doing a quick Google search, I can't think of another rock band from those parts. (I'm sure there must be a few.)

There are occasional light dustings of horns here and there, but not very much.  I only mention this because the opening track, and it's a really good one, has a little brass.  But this is absolutely not a horn album, so don't let that damper your picnic. 

"The Fallen Angels" (back)

Favorites include the pop-psych dreamcatcher "Introspective Looking Glass" and shadow-vibed "Love, Don't Talk To Strangers."  Both are strong keepers.  The garagey psych-rocker "You Have Changed" is excellent stuff.  “Room At The Top” is a cool psych-pop opener.  And the psych-folk “Most Children Do” is a wonderful chill and makes me think Beck might've heard this one.  There are a couple of jug band whatevers that just sound out of place.  I mean a kazoo is never a good idea, but the good songs far outweigh the weaker ones.

I found my copy at a record shop and dropped $17 on it.  It has a small tear on the top-front of the album, but the vinyl is an easy vg+.  The Fallen Angels' first offering is a pretty cool psych album to slip into the collection.

Roulette Records label

 Cat #
RSD  RLP - 497-A-1  9-13-67  AB  9-67  Audio???
RLP 497 B  MIRASOUND  AB  8-67  AB

"Introspective Looking Glass" - The Fallen Angels / "The Fallen Angels" (1967)

A1  "Room At The Top" 2:35
A2  "Love, Don't Talk To Strangers" 1:52
A3  "Your Friends Here in Dundersville" 2:23
A4  "I've Been Thinking" 1:46
A5  "It Might Have Been Easier To Stay at Home" 2:07
A6  "Most Children Do" 3:10
B1  "Introspective Looking Glass" 2:25
B2  "I Don't Wanna Fall" 2:18
B3  "No Way Out" 2:39
B4  "Painted Bird" 2:20
B5  "Mother's Homesick Too" 2:17
B6  "You Have Changed" 2:27

Jack Bryant - vocals, bass, kazoo
Richard "Luvly" Kumer - drums, percussion
Wally Cook - guitar
Jack Lauritsen - guitar, sitar, vibraphone
Barry Seidel - horns, effects, shoes
*Tom Traynor - laughter, good vibrations, first aid

Good stuff.

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