Friday, October 1, 2021

TCCDM 4 For Friday

(4 For Friday)

*  No, dammit!  I don't want to high-five!

*  A very short, but amazing, snapshot in time.  Coney Island Freakshow and Circus.  You're gonna wanna see this.

*  "Hey, we're not students. We're The Ramones."  Watching "Rock'n'Roll High School (1979) never gets old.  And Clint Howard is always a quirk. "Now, this next step can either make or break a successful date."  Thanks a lot, Clint. (free-Youtube)

According to Paste, The 100 Best Horror Movies of All Time.  I've seen 55 of them.  Maybe a few more, but if I wasn't absolutely sure...I didn't count it.  

"Which Man Are You" - Tommy Tutone / "Tommy Tutone 2" (1981)

Good stuff.

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