Sunday, October 24, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #50

(a short jaunt)

"Ride The Tiger" - Jefferson Starship / "Dragon Fly" (1974)
"I want to ride the tiger.
I want to ride the tiger.
It will be black and white in the dead of night.
Eyes flashing in the clear moonlight.
I want to ride the tiger."

Near the end of the Airplane, they were beginning to sound like tired individuals just backing up whoever authored the song.  Trying not to give too much of themselves away.  Not broken, but certainly cracked.  Not on this bad boy, though.  Here the band brings the noise like they've come to collect a debt.  And it's a great opening song.  By the way, that's their new guitarist Craig Chaquico dancing on the wires.  This was their "official" debut as the Jefferson Starship. (OWN)

"The Black Parade" - Willie Nile / "Beautiful Wreck of the World" (1999)
"You laugh at the shape I'm in.
Drink cheap wine and have all your fun.
But you'll wipe off that graveyard grin
'cause your time is gonna come."

What a great "you're gonna get yours" song.  Sure, you're enjoying yourself now.  Turning your back on friends and rubbing faces in your success.  But your day's coming.  And I want to be front and center when you come looking for a hand.  It's that old adage...what goes around, comes around.  This is the always under-appreciated Willie Nile's 4th album. (NEED)

"Out In The Woods" - Leon Russell / "Carney" (1972)
"Well, I'm goin' down, goin' down a hard road.
Just don't know, don't know where I've been.
But I think I've been a-walkin', I'm a-walkin' 'round in circles.
Can't even find a friend."

This song has a bit of that swampy Dr. John vibe goin' on here.  Leon's vocals are double-tracked with a good and evil an angel on each shoulder.  And hints of psych-dust is also in the frame.  A cry for help before his eyes get plucked out.  The song follows his biggest hit, "Tight Rope" on this album and I always thought the songs made for a nice one-two punch.  It's my favorite album of Russells, if not his best, and a good period album that's seldom pulled out anymore.  That changes this weekend. (OWN)


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