Sunday, October 10, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #49

(a short jaunt)

"Someone To Talk To" - The Police / b-side of "Wrapped Around Your Finger" (1983)
"Though it's me that's on fire, not this cigarette
I was stabbed in the back by that young suffragette."

I thought this was an earlier Police song.  It has that unique sound we instantly recognize.  The sound that keeps on giving.  Andy Summers guitar riffing tones are everywhere.  And Holy McSchniekes, Stewart Copeland is popping and snapping and riffing in all the right places.  Pretty excellent b-side if you ask me.  Too bad it didn't make it onto their "Synchronicity" album.  I could've bumped at least one track to get this one on.  Anyway, The Police released the album..."Flexible Strategies" (2018)...that features all their non-album b-sides. (NEED)

"Greenwood Creek" - The Doobie Brothers / "The Doobie Brothers" (1971)
"I can hear that southbound rollin'.
Carryin' all my hopes away.
I'm strapped to my mule at the old country school.
When I'm gonna get out, I can't say."

Their debut album had no hits and failed to chart.  Hell, I thought "Toulouse Street" (1972) was The Doobie Brothers' first album?!  But this song sure has the Doobie sound I've come to love.  All the familiar harmonies and goodtime Doobie vibes.  Hits ya smack dab in the face.  I've never seen the album growing in the wild, so it must have been a small pressing.  Glad they kept going! (NEED)

"Are You Going With Me?" - Pat Metheny Group / "Offramp" (1982)

"Offramp" was the third album by the Pat Metheny Group.  If the rest of the album sounds anything like this, I'll take all of it you got.  Later, I come to find out, "Offramp" won the Playboy Readers Poll for Best Jazz Album and the 1982 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance. (NEED)


Good stuff.


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