Friday, May 21, 2021

TCCDM 4 For Friday

Donovan has always been a cool, laidback survivor.  Like a pixie hiding and dancing on a pin.  Now check out this new song/video by Donovan..."I Am The Shaman"...dusted with the eyes of director David Lynch.

You've seen the original.  Now here is the less familiar adaptation of this classic.  Directed by Werner Herzog and starring Klaus Kinski as the strange, sallow title character, "Nosferatu the Vampyre" (1979) is fascinating to watch.  "...Cleanse yourself of the expectation that things will happen. Get with the flow. This movie works like an LP record: You can't love the music until you've heard the words so often they're sounds." ~Roger Ebert **** (free-Youtube)

Plain and Fancy recommends "Live 1969" - Simon And Garfunkel...a collection of performances captured from a six-city run before the dynamic duo decided to cut bait.

Every conversation you're going to have this summer at Crooks and Liars.  Man, but is this ever real!

"Sheraton Gibson" - Pete Townshend / "Who Came First" (1972)

Good stuff.

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