Friday, May 28, 2021

TCCDM 4 For Friday

Over at Hogs Ear Report, are a few recommended Cramps albums and 45s you might have missed.  Ron drops some backstory and shows the albums - Front...Back...Inside.  FBI, baby!

Crackle is running the crazy, strange cult classic...Phantasm.  It's free and it's been a long while since it's been offered anywhere.  If you have Roku...stretch out and watch it on your big screen while you still can.  Or right there from your computer, if you so choose.

The Rising Storm recommends "The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind"...a collection of songs recorded in the late 60s by The Pretty Things.  Really good stuff.

"The 50 Best Dystopian Movies of All Time" at Paste.  I've seen 25 of them.  A couple on the list I think I watched, but remember nothing about I didn't count them.  One movie on the list I highly recommend is Alphaville. (1965)  Great story and looks terrific.

"Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma" - Steve Miller Band / "The Joker" (1973)

Good stuff.

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