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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Cauldron" - Fifty Foot Hose (1968)

"Cauldron" - Fifty Foot Hose (1968)

Fifty Foot Hose was a psychedelic band from San Francisco.  Their one and only album "Cauldron" (1968) was released to very little fanfare, but it is an outstanding electronic psych album.  Songs are catchy, trippy, groovy adventures with the music filled with strange, spacey sounds and rushes and special effects that push everything forward.  All the crackerbox sounds were from a synth contraption invented by bassist, Cork Marcheschi.  The cool vocals, mostly by Nancy Blossom, are just perfect for what's going down.

But unlike The United States Of America outfit, Fifty Foot Hose did have guitars in their band.  And they cooked!  One might think that with all the trickery and magic, the songs would lose their structure, but surprisingly, none of them ever gets lost on the playground.  

"Cauldron" - Fifty Foot Hose (back)

Fifty Foot Hose had been a bit of a grail for me and one I figured I'd have to go online to snag.  Last month I stumbled upon an OG copy off the leash.  I was able to pick it up.  Look it over.  All that good stuff.   It was a Promo copy, as well, with both cover and vinyl near excellent.  The only rat's was missing the original sleeve. (Where do these go anyway?)  Still, I was able to stroll away with it tucked under my arm for less than a Benjamin and that was a pretty good deal.

Pack your suitcase for the 10-min. mind-journey "Fantasy."  The cool, sultry, slightly jazzed "Rose" is carried along nicely by trippy noises and cool vibe vocals.  "Red the Sign Post" is a scorcher with lots of tasty fuzz-freak riffs.  "If Not This Time" is an ominous pistol.  The whole album is a headphone joy.  (After the album was released, most of the band joined the San Francisco production of Hair with Nancy Blossom cast in the lead.  She sang in Godspell, as well.)

Limelight Promo label

Cat #
LS 86062A- M1 (stamped) MR (etched)  11-1 
LS 86062B- M1 (stamped)  MR (etched)  1-1- 

"Rose" - Fifty Foot Hose / "Cauldron" (1968)

A1  "And After" 2:05
A2  "If Not This Time" 3:40
A3  "Opus 777" 0:22
A4  "The Things That Concern You" 3:25
A5  "Opus 11" 0:22
A6  "Red The Sign Post" 2:55
A7  "For Paula" 0:24
A8  "Rose" 5:03
B1  "Fantasy" 10:08
B2  "God Bless The Child" 2:42
B3  "Cauldron" 4:55

Nancy Blossom - vocals
David Blossom - guitars, piano, kalimba
Larry Evans - guitars, vocals
Cork Marcheschi - audio generators, theremin, electronics, siren
Terry Hansley - bass
Kim Kimsey - drums, percussion

Good stuff.

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