Monday, May 3, 2021

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Stereotomy" - The Alan Parsons Project (1985)

"Stereotomy" - The Alan Parsons Project (1985)
 (w/gimmix slipcover)

To be honest, I picked up “Stereotomy” for its unusual gimmix cover.  For their 9th album, the original “Stereotomy” packaging comes with a red/blue translucent PVC slipcover that filters out colors of the album artwork and lettering when the album cover slides in and out. (Pay no attention to round hype sticker on was there when I found it.)  My copy has a tight-fitting slipcover, so after flipping it around a few times looking at it, I just left it off.

As for the music, the sound quality is top-notch, as always, but the actual songs were a little disappointing.  Nothing really stands out or gives me that APP buzz we've all come to expect.  Nor has the album aged particularly well.  Still, it is it's certainly not a wash.

"Stereotomy" (back w/gimmix slipcover)

I'm not sure what the concept theme for this album is, but the title track is pretty cool with its five-syllable chant and John Miles sounding like Paul Stanley frontin' the band.  The word was taken from an Edgar Allan Poe short story..."The Murders in the Rue Morgue." (Alan Parsons still digs his Poe!)   And "Beaujolais" throws echoes of an early lost Police song, which isn't a bad thing.  The three instrumental tracks found here are various degrees of okay.  Fans of the Alan Parsons Project might be more forgiving, but if you're new to the party, “Stereotomy” is not the place to start your celebration.  However, if you still want to add this to your collection, eyes out for one with the original packaging.  I think I only paid $7 or $8.

"Stereotomy" (front/back without gimmix cover)

Arista plastic sleeve

Arista custom label

Cat #
AL 8  9-8  384  SA  2  I  : B
AL 8  9-8  384  SB  1  I  A1 D  

"Beaujolais" - Alan Parsons Project / "Stereotomy" (1985)

A1  "Stereotomy" 7:18
A2  "Beaujolais" 4:27
A3  "Urbania" (Instr) 4:59
A4  "Limelight" 4:39
B1  "In the Real World" 4:20
B2  "Where's the Walrus?" (Instr) 7:31
B3  "Light of the World" 6:19
B4  "Chinese Whispers" (Instr) "1:01
B5  "Stereotomy Two" 1:21

Eric Woolfson - pianos, keyboards, vocals
Alan Parsons - producer, additional keyboards
Ian Bairnson - guitars
David Paton - bass
Stuart Elliott - drums, percussion
Richard Cottle - synths, saxes
John Miles - vocals
Chris Rainbow - vocals
Gary Brooker - vocals
Graham Dye - vocals
Steven Dye - vocals
Eric Woolfson - vocals
The Philharmonia Orchestra
* Christoffer Warren-Green - leader
* Andrew Powell - arranger, conductor 

Good stuff.


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