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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Life Is But A Dream" - Wichita Fall (1968)

"Life Is But A Dream" - Wichita Fall (1968)

Looking at this album front and back, I thought the band was going to play some variation of the country-rock sound.  But I was not even near the ballpark.  "Life Is But A Dream" is filled with catchy pop and slightly psych-tinged songs delivered via heavy orchestral arrangements.  Very, very good arrangements.  The vocals are outstanding, as well without dipping into the sunshine.  But I was so unprepared for the wave, I had to give the record a couple of spins before my mind was accepting of the sound.  Note To Self:  Stop with the preconceived notions. 

Wichita Fall was totally in for a penny and a pound with the mostly uplifting arrangements, and yet the band never allows itself to slip into cheap sugarshack land.  I read somewhere that Wichita Fall was closer to Buffalo Springfield before signing with Imperial.  It would've been interesting to hear Wichita Fall with some of the orchestral paint scraped off, but this was to be Wichita Fall's only album.  Still, the album is good for what it is and I'm sure there are many who'll eat this right up.  

"Life Is But A Dream" - Wichita Fall (back)

The album is a gatefold made of heavy stock and the vinyl is heavy, too.  You'll notice this right away. Favorites are "Ornamental Sideshow"”Once In The Morning" … “Going To Ohio.”  And the album overall is a grower, for sure.  The soup is really good…it's just not my cup of soup.  I've only seen this album one other time and for pretty cheap.  My copy has a name written on the top-back cover and found at a garage sale and I think $7 took it home.

"Life Is But A Dream" - Wichita Fall (inside gatefold)

Imperial label

Cat #
LP-12417-1  AudioMatrix  ELLISON  9-20-68
LP-12417-2  E  9-20-68  AudioMatrix

"Ornamental Sideshow" - Wichita Fall ‎/ "Life Is But A Dream" (1968)

A1  "Morning Sun" 2:09
A2  "Once in the Morning" 2:35
A3  "Sunny Road" 3:49
A4  "Going to Ohio" 3:22
A5  "Playground" 2:43
A6  "Ornamental Sideshow" 2:56
B1  "Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show" 2:16
B2  "Crystal Rain" 3:28
B3  "Hectivity" 2:48
B4  "Schubert's Theme" 2:40
B5  "Night Time Suite" 1:03
B6  "Are You Sleeping" 1:11
B7  "Life Is But a Dream" 2:50

Philip Black - vocals, lead guitar
David Roush - guitar, vocals 
Larry Watson - bass
Len Feigin - drums

Good stuff.


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