Friday, April 26, 2019

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again)

(a short jaunt)

"New Age" - Velvet Underground / "Loaded" (1970)

"Can I have your autograph, he said to the fat blonde actress" is a bit of a coffee spitter the first time you hear this.  It was for me, anyway.  That opening line is just so...matter-of-fact.  Indelicate.  But I don't believe it was meant to be mean-spirited.  The song is about an 'over-the-hill' actress and sounds very emotionally odd.  It's all atmosphere.  I'm not sure who Lou Reed was thinking about, but there's a certain actress (from my era) that always comes to mind whenever I hear this song.  I didn't intentionally run through an actress database or anything, her name/face just pops up.  But I won't share, because that would just be mean.  Besides, we all must go to the mirror.

"Don't Step on the Grass, Sam" - Steppenwolf / "The Second" (1968)

One of my favorites.  In your face and catchy as hell.  Full of biting sarcasm and very much a snapshot of the times.  Steppenwolf has riffs galore going on that are worms.  And that famous call and response is killer.  Worth a listen for the delicious organ announcing the uninvited arrival of police pounding on the front door. 

"Why Worry" - Dire Straits / "Brothers in Arms" (1985)

Someone once said this song is like a lullaby for adults....and it really is.  A gentle love song...for all of us.  A 'let it go' song.  An "I'm here for you' song.  Spiritual.  That's what I take away.  And Mark Knopfler's beautiful guitar.  So easy to recognize who's delivering the mail.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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