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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."From A Naked Window" (1970)

"From A Naked Window" - Jeremy Storch (1970)

“From A Naked Window” (1970) is a die-cut, Unipak gatefold album.  The inside includes the lyrics penned by Jeremy Storch with a photo of the artist.  The record is one of those little treasures that just get lost in the rack sometimes and that's a shame because piano singer/songwriter, Jeremy Storch delivers a debut album that's filled with angst quite like nothing else.  The album is labeled as psych...and I guess it is...a wee bit.  But it isn't “in-your-face" psych.  This record spins on your turntable and throws off a quirkiness similar to the ending vibe of a microdot journey you've taken.  Light-psych, for sure.  The music is beautifully arranged, and wonderfully odd which all contributes to a more gentler trippiness rather than jarring.

Jeremy Storch sounds like someone who might have flown up to the top of a windmill at some time...and never completely came back down.  The vocals are fragile, and at times, almost child-like.  The songs are haunting and fascinating with strange lyrics that flutter above beautiful arrangements that never once sound cheap.

And yes, there are a couple of tracks that brush against the fuzz button, but it's mostly just Jeremy Storch and his creative piano play that pulls everything together.  ”From A Naked Window"... isn't without flaws.  It's definitely not a 4 or 5-star grail.  But it is very good and is worth picking up when you can find it.  The album is flying under the radar and can be picked up pretty cheap.  Listening to Jeremy Storch is a lot like watching a highwire act at a circus...thinking at any moment he might fall, but crossing your fingers he won't.
FWIW...Jeremy Storch made this album after the garage rock band...The Vagrants broke up. The Vagrants also included Leslie West who went on to form Mountain.  And DJ Shadow heavily sampled Jeremy Storch on his hip-hop classic, "Endtroducing" album. (1996)

"From A Naked Window" (back)

"From A Naked Window" (inside gatefold)

RCA Victor Label

"Dream City" - Jeremy Storch / “From A Naked Window” (1970)

A1  "Dream City" 3:32
A2  "Playground" 4:25
A3  "Man In the Sky" 3:48
A4  "Message In the Wind" 4:05
A5  "Lynn and Sue Are a Country" 3:45
B1  "In the Right Road" 3:50
B2  "Lady In the Sand" 4:38
B3  "If You Are Going Home" 5:18
B4  "I Feel a New Shadow" 3:08
B5  "Delia" 5:20

Jeremy Storch - vocals, piano, songwriter
Session players

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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