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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues" (1967)

"A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues" - Sky Saxon Blues Band (1967)

This is a "Fonzie Jumped The Shark" kind of album.  Like Metallica's..."St Anger."   Kiss'..."The Elder."  "A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues" was a drastic Louie from what fans expected.  And in this instance, far removed from the garage, psych sounds fans were anticipating.  The expectation is the devil's vinyl playground.

Sky Saxon Blues Band was indeed The Seeds as the cover photo suggests...but it also included the addition of a few band members from Muddy Waters.  This is a terrible Seeds album.  But as a blues-rock album..."A Full Spoon..." is mostly...not great.  However, the album is not as bad as its reputation suggests.  There are at least a couple songs that are decent, and when pulled from the album tracklist, are pretty good.  Tasty harmonica and guitar and yes, even the snotty vocals of Sky Saxon are kind of fun.  I threw $15 at it and I'm sure I overpaid.  But when you never see something...and see it, it's hard to let it pass.  I just write it off as a cosmic RnR curio that owns a spot on the wall of wtf.  To be fair, the album is presented as Sky Saxon Blues Band.  But neither Sky Saxon nor The Seeds completely recovered from this shark jump.

"A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues" (back)

GNP Crescendo Label

"The Gardener" - Sky Saxon Blues Band / "A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues" (1967)

A1  "Pretty Girl" 1:58
A2  "Moth and the Flame" 3:47
A3  "I'll Help You (Carry Your Money to the Bank)" 3:27
A4  "Cry Wolf" 6:04
A5  "Plain Spoken" 2:52
B1  "The Gardener" 4:57
B2  "One More Time Blues" 2:25
B3  "Creepin' About" 2:43
B4  "Buzzin' Around" 3:43

Sky Saxon - vocals, bass, harmonica
Jan Savage - guitar, gong, b-vocals
Harvey Sharpe - bass
Daryl Hooper - organ, piano
Rick Andridge - drums, b-vocals
Luther Johnson - guitar
Mark Arnold - guitar
George "Harmonica" Smith - harmonica
James Wells Gordon - saxophone

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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