Thursday, April 18, 2019

Horse Head Has An Idea:.."Columbo" - "Death Hits The Jackpot" (1991)


I don't remember ever seeing this Columbo episode, but it's a pretty good one despite having to throw a pet chimp in the cast.  Guest star-bad guy Rip Torn is obviously enjoying himself...hamming up scenes without restraint.  The groundwork for the crime and coverup are neatly in place before the wonderfully annoying Columbo (Peter Falk) shows his mug a cool 30 minutes in.  The story mixes more humor than usual with this mystery, but it pays off with a great ending.  I thought I knew what was going to trip him up, and I was pretty dang close, but Columbo's thumbscrew was on a different level.  Psycho Betsy Palmer (FRIDAY THE 13TH) even makes an appearance.  I was hoping the writers would let her have a summer cabin flashback but that was just a good opportunity missed.  Time to play the lottery.

"Columbo" / "Death Hits The Jackpot" (1991)

Good stuff.


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