Thursday, April 11, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Mad Love" (1980)

"Mad Love" - Linda Ronstadt (1980)

For whatever reason, Linda Ronstadt albums can be found everywhere and for mucho cheapo.  Which is great because Linda never made a bad album.  It's true!  So when you come across have to pick it up.  There's no risk.  And “Mad Love” just happens to be my favorite.  Each song is sprinkled with the very lightest of new wave dust.  Even with the 80s dusting, the album still sounds fresh and powerful.  “How Do I Make You”..."Party Girl"..."Hurt So Bad"...."Girls Talk"...the title track.  The album is packed.  No filler.  Whether thumping her chest, (I'll wait while you think about that) or duct-taping a broken heart...Linda Ronstadt is all over it.  My copy is a promo I found in a $2 box.  Which is just a bonus 'cause I was buying the record anyway.   Hype sticker.  Promo sticker.  Back cover has lyrics which is always cool.  And a fantastic album cover.  There are plenty of places one might fall in love with Linda.  I've staked this spot out for myself.

"Mad Love" (back)

Asylum Records (promo)

"How Do I Make You" - Linda Ronstadt / "Mad Love" (1980)

A1  "Mad Love" 3:40
A2  "Party Girl" 3:22
A3  "How Do I Make You" 2:25
A4  "I Can't Let Go" 2:44
A5  "Hurt So Bad" 3:17
B1  "Look Out for My Love" 3:29
B2  "Cost of Love" 2:38
B3  "Justine" 4:00
B4  "Girls Talk" 3:27
B5  "Talking in the Dark" 2:12

Linda Ronstadt - vocals
Dan Dugmore - guitars
Waddy Wachtel - guitar, b-vocals
Mark Goldenberg - guitars, b-vocals
Bob Glaub - bass
Russell Kunkel - drums
Bill Payne - keyboards
Danny Kortchmar - guitars
Mike Auldridge - dobro
Peter Bernstein - acoustic guitars
Peter Asher, Steve Forman - percussion
Michael Boddicker - synthesizer
Rosemary Butler, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Nicolette Larson - b-vocals

Good stuff.

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