Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Horse Head Has An Idea:..."The Sadist" (1963)


"The Sadist" (1963)...is one of those forgotten b/w B-movies that sort of slipped through the cracks.  It stars cheeseball Arch Hall Jr. who has a bit of that Michael J. Pollard look goin' on...but without any of the charm and talent.  Yet he has a quirkiness that draws me in.  The story is based on the infamous Charles Starkweather murder spree.  It's all very low budget, filmed in a junkyard out in the desert, but the movie takes place in 'real-time' which adds an interesting sense of urgency.  Sure, Arch Hall, Jr. is annoying as hell, and you can almost see him overthinking his lines and expressions...but it's one of those black and white cheapies that's fun to watch anyway.

"The Sadist" (1963)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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