Friday, January 25, 2019

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home

(a short jaunt)

"Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard" - Gypsy / "Gypsy" (1970)

I love the band Gypsy.  What a kick-ass surprise to hear this come outta my speakers.  Excellent proto-prog, psych-dusting stuff.  Piercing guitar. Wild keyboard. Tight harmonies. Very majestic.  This song was from their self-titled debut album and a double LP to boot.  When I bought this album the first time years back at a garage sale, it was missing the second record. That was my bad. “Once burnt; lesson learnt.”  (That was a little of my Barney Fife education showing.). Anyway, hearing this song again reminded me of the morning I spent with James Walsh / Gypsy.   Check it out.

"Hear Me Lord" - George Harrison / "All Things Must Pass" (1970)

I'm surprised I've never heard this one before.  It's a wonderful song.  I'm sure there are plenty of outtakes of George Harrison without the Phil Spector “Wall of Sound”  treatment, but in this instance, I think it really works.  George's vocals are in top form and the fuller Spector sound makes for a more moving experience.  Clever even.  And definitely more interesting than the title might imply.  I've since learned Billy Preston is responsible for the piano.

"Wicked Game" - Chris Isaak / "Heart Shaped World" (1989)

Nothing sounds like this.  When this song comes on the radio, especially at night, it takes everyone to their own special memory spot. That private one. Very cool and very intense. Perfect.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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