Monday, September 8, 2008

Track 4:-->"Laughter Lou" - Steve Forbert - (Little Stevie Orbit) - (1980)

"You criticize most everyone...

Yeah...but what have you got to show?
At least the ones you're putting down...
got up to have a go."
Steve Forbert

Steve Forbert is one of those rare singer-songwriters. The kind that can literally break your heart one minute...and put it all back together the next.

One of my favorite artists...Forbert has been "howling out words and banging out chords" for over 30 years.

Forbert delivers his songs with a unique and wonderful stutter-step style...allowing his thoughtful words to carry the weight they deserve. Nice.

From start to finish..."Little Stevie Orbit" (1980) jumps out of the speakers with a rousing confidence. Each song is filled with uncanny observations and worldly wisdom that will have listeners nodding their heads with understanding.

Track 4:-->"Laughter Lou" is a great song about critics who constantly wallow in the negative. You know the ones. Always pointing out the flaws. Noticing only the imperfections. Never offering a compliment without adding the backhanded...'but'.

"Little Stevie Orbit" is a lost diamond...filled with 13 nuggets to rediscover. For that matter...why not check out the rest of the Fantabulous Forbster's catalog?
He just keeps getting better.

Steve Forbert at the John Lennon Tribute Concert in NYC (Dec 2007)

is a champion for all those who fail to score a ten on life's balance beam.
Good stuff!


Steve Forbert:-->"Laughter Lou" (Little Stevie Orbit) (1980)
(Must Own)

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