Saturday, September 27, 2008

Track 4:-->"Gotta Keep A Running" - The Godz - (1978)

"I'm gonna burn right up...
like a two dollar pistol.
Like a rocket shot to the sun."
The Godz

The Godz were a hardworking late 70's rock band from Ohio who toured with groups like Kiss and Cheap Trick...but could never reach that level of success themselves.

In fact, The Godz ...initially became a verbal punching bag for many music critics.

Spinning the disc today...I find their criticsm unfair and totally missing the point.

The Godz played with a ballsy' attitude.
Blending a touch of southern tang...reminiscent of vintage Black Oak Arkansas mixed with Grand Funk ...The Godz created solid guitar churning rock.

Their self-titled debut is filled with 7 tracks...many begging to be rediscovered.

The biggest surprise is the tasty cover of Golden Earring's..."Candy's Going Bad". I never cared that much for Earring's version...but The Godz own it.

"Go Away" and "Guaranteed" are strong tracks as well.

Track 4:-->"Gotta Keep A Running"...cranks and burns from the hi hat opening to the pedal to the metal ending. And supposedly received heavy rotation in the Midwest upon its release. The song also has a hilarious (yet sincere) middle break with Eric Moore speaking about what rock rebels they are/we are. I loved it!

The Godz circa 1988 (maybe) And their still rockin'!

The Godz are sorely underrated.

The good news is...The Godz are back together and presently playing spots in Ohio...soon to begin touring cross-country and releasing a new CD. Good for them!


The Godz:-->"Gotta Keep A Running" (The Godz) (1978) (Own It)


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus with a jump-rope! I thought only myself and one other guy in the entire universe knew about this band, and 'haven't seen
or heard from him in 30 years!


Casey said...

Great comment! Come on back!