Saturday, December 8, 2018

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."You Broke My Heart So..."

"You Broke My Heart So..." - Spooky Tooth (1973)

This was Spooky Tooth's 5th album.  The one with the ridiculously blunt title.  When I finally got the gatefold home and gave the inside a better turned out to be a bait-n-switch.  The inside is an exaggerated drawn picture of a crazy-mad woman doing the "jaw-breaking."  Pretty funny.  And the album's pretty good, too.  New guitarist Mick Jones (Foreigner) replaced Luther "Ariel Bender" Grosvenor on this album and gives Spooky Tooth a more guitar-driven sound.  Don't get me wrong.  Original member, Gary Wright is still heavily involved.  His solid keyboard work and backing vocals always seem to give songs a groovy ethereal vibe even on the more harder tracks.  I like reading AMG, but their 2-star rating of this album, I think, is way off!  Apart from a couple of weaker tracks, there's not a bad song on here.  For some reason, Spooky Tooth is one of those bands that seem to always fly under-the-radar. That's a bonus for folks like us.  Their albums can always be found cheap...and this one is worth a pop.
(btw...the Mike Harrison vocals on "Self-Seeking Man" sound like a young and dangerous Cher!  And it's awesome. Go Tube it.)

"You Broke My Heart So..." (back)

Inside Gatefold (watermarks on bottom)

Album Insert w/tracklist & essay

A&M Records label

"Old As I Was Born" - Spooky Tooth / "You Broke My Heart So..." (1973)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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