Friday, December 21, 2018

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home

(a short jaunt)

"Flip The Switch" - The Rolling Stones / "Bridges to Babylon" (1997)

This was the opening track on their 23rd studio album.  And it was also one of the first albums I bought with my own money.  Actually, it was a nicely packaged CD.  The song has Charlie and Keef driving the bus right out the gate.  In fact, the whole album sounds like everyone showered, shaved and had a healthy breakfast.  Fun lyrics.  It was the best thing they'd done in years.  "Bridges..." still sounds fresh and I played the shit out of it.

"Space Captain" - Joe Cocker / "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" (1970)

In small doses, I enjoy Joe Cocker, but his music has been a little hit and miss for me.  However, JC always seemed to bump it up a notch...I mean, really commit...when he had his good friends at his back.  And when that happens, I'm all in.  Here's a good example and one seldom heard.  Love the playful "ooohs and ahhhhs" in the middle, too

"Leave It With Me" - Blodwyn Pig / "Ahead Rings Out" (1970)

This is a jazzy-flutey instrumental with a catchy riff that moves the song right along if nothing else.  Jack Lancaster provides the jazzy pipes and guitarist (and frontman) Mick Abrahams jumps in the middle to add some licks of his own.  Abrahams was the original guitarist for Jethro Tull, leaving after their first album.  First time hearing Blodwyn Pig on the radio!  Making driving a better time.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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